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Welcome to all who have found this page. I hope that you will find within it words of encouragement and strength for the battle you are fighting. I have found it is helpful to know that I am not alone in the struggles I face and so, I put up this web page with the hopes that someone else will catch the fire of God’s word.
To begin with, I would like to tell you my story and how I came to where I am in Christ Jesus. In 1985, I got saved in a little town of Kami Seya Japan. For a few years, my life was going in the right direction beginning with God-honoring my prayer for a wife and family. I served onboard ship from 1991 – 1995; during that time, I prayed fearlessly and lived courageously for Christ. It was said of me “He held the ship in the palm of his hands” because of the life I lived. After being on a ship for four years, I went back to my home state of Minnesota for a tour as a Navy Recruiter and this is where my life took a left turn.  For the next 10 years, my life began to fall apart due to my struggling to do things my way. I was told “put in the long hours and get people into the Navy and you will get promoted”; so, I did put in the long hours at the office which, meant less time for the home life which is where the magic really is.  I never did get promoted – go figure! I retired from the Navy in 1997 and started a career in Information Technology (IT). Again, I tried to get promoted by doing things without wisdom and without God’s hand in my life. I took on assignments that I had no earthly idea how to do and I got the job by deceptive words and empty promises.  My wife and kids suffered greatly because of my actions; I kept telling myself that the long hours and extra days at work were for the family when it was really about me.
In 2005, something stirred within me to go back to the place God had me spiritually. I asked of the Holy Spirit at that time and the time since then to “please teach me through the Word.” The Holy Spirit did exactly that and for 13 years now I have remained under his tutelage. Every once in a while, my old nature comes out to try and run the show but, through prayer and confession, I still remain in the Kingdom of the Highest. I have found in the past 13 years that God’s desire for us is not “perfection” but the willingness to take the journey. The Holy Spirit’s covenant with me is that I attend classes, study, and apply what I have learned. This may sound appealing to my readers but, I will also tell you that there is a downside to classes and that is, there are tests (notice the plural word); with each step upward in training, the tests become that much harder but, the rewards are so much better.
 I went back to daily readings in 2005.  Now 13 years later four different Bibles and 14 times through the Word in a year’s time, I am still reading and growing in Jesus. Years earlier, I got a reading program from Chick Tracts and have since modified it to make it more dynamic.  I will put up the program on this page so that anybody who wants can use it to further develop their walk with Christ Jesus.

Life is a journey that goes through many hills, valleys, and jungles. In life, we are powerless to dictate which conditions (roads) we will walk on. Because, life happens out of the result of choices made either by ourselves or by others. If we want to follow God’s path, we must understand that in all things God is teaching us through adversity; so, we cannot run away from it or alter the pathway. We are powerless to change other people; the only thing we can change is our attitude, coupled with our prayers, and choosing to always please God. May you find the courage today to take God’s yoke upon you and learn of his ways (Matthew 11:28).

I encourage your comments but, please remember to be civil when making them. if you have constructive criticism of these writings, i would welcome your input.

In His Name



The Tabernacle was 100 cubits long and 50 large, and the same dimensions, 50 x 100, had the courtyards in front of it, for a total of 200 x 50 cubits. The heights: 10 cubits the Tabernacle, 5 the curtains surrounding the courtyards. The indications given by Bible do not allow doubts on this point and the all structure appears to be perfectly proportioned with these measures.

While I agree with scripture, it is conceivable that the size and dimensions of the temple as listed in Exodus may not have been the size depicted. I went looking for archaeological evidence of the wilderness temple and the only thing I found was evidence of the temple at Shiloh which is where Joshua pitched the tent because he was the leader of the nation and by proxy was given the honor of pitching the “one place” in his hometown.


Daily Bible Reading 6/21/2021

Reading #1 – Exodus 38

Reading #2 – Psalms 70

Reading #3 – Proverbs 8

Reading #4 – Jonah 2

Reading #5 – 2 Corinthians 9



Exodus 38 – The Tabernacle Completed. The tabernacle was surrounded by curtains and pillars so no one could see what the priests were doing. The building of the tabernacle and its furnishings was not a simple nor cheap undertaking (21-31). The tabernacle items were made following the word of the Lord through Moses. The materials used to construct the temple were already on hand, they simply had to be donated or were available resources in the area where the Israelites were staying and they were made from ordinary products.

Psalms 69 – Prayer for Help against Persecutors. Persecution is common to mankind. The difference between the world and children of the Almighty is how persecution is dealt with. The world says, “revolt when you are persecuted and call it “Jihad” or “Holy War”. The Devil loves nothing more than for mankind to start wars and destruction because, as long as fights endure “peace” cannot reign supreme even when a battle is won. The writer turns the direction of his eyes from the situation to problem solver the Lord G_d (1). To be turned back because of our decisions implies “Let their decisions alter their course, not mine” (2-3). When we undermine people, we become as much a part of the problem as the problem we were trying to solve. When we keep our eyes on our Father and remain obedient even in time of persecution, those who also seek to honor G_d’s Word will come alongside us to help us (4). Of course, having help doesn’t make the problem go away, it will encourage us to hold on one more time knowing that G_d will never forsake us nor abandon us (5).

Proverbs 8 – The Commendation of Wisdom. Wisdom’s commendation is to listen to the Lord G_d and be obedient even if you do not completely understand “why you have to do ____” (4). The world replies to Wisdom’s commendation with “I will do things my way, I don’t need your help”. The thing is when trying to do things “our way” and we end up falling short or have to modify our plans and this creates a crisis in our life (5). Anybody who has ever trusted in the Lord and honored Him by obedient never had cause to be ashamed. Man is prone to thinking he/she knows better than G_d but always finds out that they were duped. When Moses was tasked with building the tabernacle, G_d did not ask for Moses’ input he simply said “just do what I tell you and follow the pattern” (Exodus 25:40). Wisdom will never defy the Word of the Lord by giving bad directions (6-8). Wisdom was with G_d in the beginning meaning, she saw all that the Lord had done so we can trust her implicitly (30-31).

Jonah 2 – Jonah’s Prayer. Jonah was in a place he could not run away; He was in a place no one could help him and his wit, finances, nor strength could not save him. Jonah was in the belly of large fish or “Hell” as he called it (1-2). Though he was in a dark, cold, and lonely place, yet he had faith that G_d was not finished with him; this place was being used by G_d to break down the wall of pride, fear, and doubt. When there was nothing was left of his worldly hold, G_d would build him up to fulfill G_d’s desire for his life (3-4). When Jonah first started to pray, he was not physically spirited out of the belly of the large fish and it is the impetus for Jesus’ statement to the Sanhedrin when they asked for a sign; (5-6, Matthew 12:38-41). When the Spirit of the Lord breaks through our hard outer shell, our prayers turn from “mere words” to power and strength that elicits a change in our hearts; at this point, we leave our belly of the whale and our ministry becomes empowered (7-10, Acts 2:1-4).

2 Corinthians 9 – G_d Gives Most. The people of Corinth had sent a letter promising funds for the saints in Jerusalem so Paul was sending a delegation to get the donations. The problem is that, more often than not, the spirit is willing but the flesh does not want to follow through (1-4, Matthew 12:40-41). Paul had boasted about the generous offerings from the church at Corinth to the people of Macedonia. To preclude any problems such as being perceived as an “arm twister” or a “collection goon”, Paul was giving the church time to get the funds so that it would be presented “willingly” (5-9). The natural conclusion of the heart is, “what about my needs”. The thing is, our giving needs to be considered in the light of our obligations. That said when we give we receive in proportion to the gift (10-12). Giving is an act of ministry because the funds meet the needs of the saints and they, in turn, praise the Lord. Paul recognizes the sacrificial giving on behalf of the church and is treated with great respect (13-15).




This is the Menorah as described in Exodus 37. You will notice the six branches and the tree in the middle. The Menorah light up the Holy of Holies and is why Jesus is called “the Light of the world” (Exodus 27:21 John 8:12)You will notice that the tree supports the branches (Romans 11:18). In Revelations, the seven Menorahs stand for the spirits of the seven churches Asia Minor (Revelations 1:12-16). When Moses came down from the mountain, his face shone with the glory of G_d and in the same way, when Jesus is alive and breathing in us, our face changes, and people will know without a doubt that we serve the Lord (Exodus 34:29-35 Matthew 5:14-16).

Daily Psalm 6/20/2021

Consider thoughtfully, you senseless (stupid ones) among the people;
And you [dull-minded] fools, when will you become wise and understand?
He who made the ear, does He not hear?
He who formed the eye, does He not see?
He who instructs the nations,
Does He not rebuke and punish,
He who teaches man knowledge?
The LORD knows the thoughts of man,
That they are a mere breath (vain, empty, futile) (Psalms 94:8-11).

One of the most difficult concepts to grasp about this “G_d of the Universe” is that He is not like mankind. Mankind tends to be “one-sided” that is, “G_d should always meet my needs but I don’t need to change my ways.” The Lord looks beyond the flesh to see what is going on inside our hearts and is not fooled by the words coming out of our mouths. G_d sees what we do and hears what we say when we think “no one has seen my misdeeds or heard my judgmental words”. Because of this, the Cross which stands on the mountain of Calvary that all who run to it are forgiven.


You know our strengths and weaknesses. If we think we are righteous and immune to failure, we delude ourselves. Because we cannot save ourselves, Jesus came at just the right time and the blood he shed on Calvary atoned for this broke down the wall between you and fallen mankind. Help me daily to cling hold of the horns of the altar and may my heart be open to you in all things. I pray for my families, my law enforcement officers, EMT staff, teachers, preachers, military members, my city of Stacy, my state of MN,  my USA, and lastly, the ministry of encouragement that you have called me to.



Daily Bible Readings 6/20/2021

Reading #1 – Exodus 37

Reading #2 – Psalms 69

Reading #3 – Proverbs 7

Reading #4 – Jonah 1

Reading #5 – 2 Corinthians 8



Exodus 37 – Construction Continues. The ark, altar, and carrying poles were made of Acacia wood. The reason is, the Acacia tree was a natural resource in the area where the nation was temporarily living. Acacia wood is a durable material that would withstand the weight of the structures (1-3). Because the people were to be mobile, the ark also had to mobile. Because the ark contained the covenant, it would be entrusted to the priests to carry it so the incident like that which happened in David’s time would not occur (4-5, 1 Chronicles 13:6-10). The reason the ark was covered in gold is that gold was considered G_d’s purest metal (). The lampstand or Menorah would be made out of gold and has six branches; the reason for having six branches is that it resembles mankind’s weakness to sin coupled with the Devil’s traps; the strength of the nation comes from the tree that is between the six branches; I will put up a picture of the Menorah on my web page under “pictures” (17-24). The altar of incense would also be made out of Acacia wood and covered in gold (25-28). The holy anointing oil and incense were made specifically for use in the temple and could not be made for daily use in any way, shape, or form (29, Exodus 30:30-33).

Psalms 69 – A Cry of Distress and Imprecation on Adversaries. When we get ourselves into trouble, like the writer of this Psalm, the Lord helps us to work through the situation and by it dig ourselves out of the pit we are in (1-3). The reason the Lord doesn’t spirit us out of the trouble we caused, is that if He did, He would have to do it again (Proverbs 19:19). When we sin, we will pay a huge price for it and that is the destruction of our integrity. When we repent that is, “turn 180 degrees”, G_d forgives us and the blood of the new covenant covers the iniquity. Although we are forgiven in the courts of the Lord G_d, the world, on the other hand, will heckle us and spread the word “___ the great Christian is a hypocrite because he/she did _____” (6-12, Isaiah 28:1, 29:1-2). When we have confessed our sinful actions, we have peace with our Lord, and that peace shuts out the sound of the hecklers (Mike Krier). It is human nature to pray for retribution from the Lord upon our enemies (19-25). The funny thing about prayer is that it brings us closer to the heart of G_d and causes us to change the tone of our desire from “destroy___ for what they did” to “Lord forgive them for they know not what they do” (33-36, Acts 7:54-60).

Proverbs 7 – Wiles of the Prostitute. Prostitution is a very old profession that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia (Gerda Lerner). While the world sees nothing wrong with utilizing this service, the Lord sees the heart of the woman/man and his/her handlers and warns his children “stay away from her/him” because the Devil utilizes this person to trap the unsuspecting (2-3). For the same reason, we tell our children “to stay away from _____” or, “do not do _____”. When the child asks the beloved question “why”, all we can tell them is “trust me”. Regretfully, the child will gravitate towards the place or situation and then find the answer to the question “why” sort of like the young man (22-23). When the child returns home or is calling from the Police station “I am in jail”, it is the greatest test of our parental abilities because we will have to help them navigate the waters to help lead our children to learn from the mistake and take steps to hopefully never return to the sin again (24-27, John 4:13-19).

Jonah 1 – Jonah’s Disobedience. Jonah had been chosen by G_d to speak to the heathen nation Nineveh (1-2). The calling frightened Jonah just like Moses was frightened of facing Egypt after the events that drove him of Egypt (3, Exodus 2:11-13, Exodus 4:10). Jonah did not take into account that no matter how far he ran, there is no place he could go that G_d could not reach him which put Jonah in a peculiar position in which he had to chose “ignore G_d to the detriment of the people on board the ship with him (4-11). When Jonah confessed to being the cause of the storm confronting the ship, he had to make a choice to stay and let the ship sink or be thrown into the raging sea and let the people go to their destination safely (12). Out of fear of the Lord G_d Jonah served, the people tried to row the ship out of trouble which was a fruitless attempt (13). So, with a prayer requesting G_d’s favor with the hopes that they would not be found guilty of shedding innocent blood, they threw him into the sea (14-16). To the crew, the matter was resolved because the storm calmed and the journey towards the destination continued but Jonah’s journey had just started (17).

2 Corinthians 8 – Great Generosity. The churches in Macedonia are being held up before the church at Corinth as an example of what happens when the people excel in generosity (1-4). The first step towards being generous is the giving of themselves to the Lord becoming obedient which led to the people becoming enthusiastic about giving to the point that they did not consider their personal interests (5). As the pastor of the church at Corinth, Titus is being encouraged to build the church at Corinth so that they too can experience G_d’s amazing power among them (6). The practice of “joyful giving” is difficult because, we think “what about the things I need, and/or bills that need to be paid?” Learning to trust the Lord’s judgment by letting go of our wallets is difficult because we don’t see everything that lies ahead. When we start giving, we usually start small and when we see our needs getting met, we open our wallets a little bit more until we give liberally (7-9). The church at Corinth was eager to give when they heard about the needs but then “buyer’s remorse” sets in and they clutched their wallets (10-12). Paul assured the church that they would not be holding the burden of the ministry by themselves but that it be shared with all of the churches and that G_d (13-15). The money that was being raised was for the ministry to line Paul’s pockets and every penny would be accounted for. The final exhortation was that Titus was being sent to encourage and grow the people not to be an “arm twister” (16-24).

Daily Psalm 6/18/2021

He also chose David His servant
And took him from the sheepfolds;
From tending the ewes with nursing young He brought him
To shepherd Jacob His people,
And Israel His inheritance.
So David shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart;
And guided them with his skillful hands (Psalms 78:70-72). 

David’s life and ministry stood in stark contrast to Israel’s unfaithfulness in the time of Saul. In the same way, when we walk in unfaithfulness and destruction finds its way to our doorstep, it may look like “the worst thing ever” and it proves out to be that way. The problem is, that just as surely as destruction wreaks havoc in our lives, it is also just the 1st act and a new act is about to begin. When Jesus came to this earth through Mary, the nation was standing on the edge of a cliff and about to jump. The Devil, our ardent enemy, stood ready to push them over the cliff and be done with them but then, the act ends a new one begins. When David became king over the combined nation, it was a new day and a new King and that is how it is with us His children. 


There is no greater sign of love than for one person to lay down his/her life for his/her friends. When I walked in the counsel of the enemy, I did foolish things not considering who you are and what you stand for. Help me to walk in the counsel of G_dly and to stand in your judgment, not the world. I pray for my Law Enforcement Officers, EMT staff, Teachers, Preachers, military, my city of Stacy, my state of MN, and MY USA.



Daily Bible Readings 6/18/2021

Reading #1 – Exodus 36

Reading #2 – Psalms 68

Reading #3 – Proverbs 6

Reading #4 – Obadiah 1

Reading #5 – 2 Corinthians 7



Exodus 36 – The Tabernacle Underwritten. Bezalel and Ohliab were gifted artisans who were called by G_d to build the Tabernacle and train others in the process. What struck me the most was how these two men compared to Solomon. These men put their talents to use and not just talk about their skillsets. Solomon, on the other hand, asked for wisdom and knowledge on how to lead the people but didn’t employ it in his life as you’ll see in the chapters about his life (1-2, 1 Chronicles 2:9-10). The Tabernacle was to be constructed according to the Lord’s design. When the people were invited to support the construction by donating the supplies and time, people gave more than was needed and would have gladly continued. At one point, though, the workers had to ask Moses to request the people “to stop giving because they had more than enough” (3-7). Everything in the temple was built for functionality that is, it had a purpose and use. The construction was a community project so everyone in the community had a play in it.

Psalms 68 – G_d of Sinai and of the Sanctuary. When the Lord G_d is “G_d” over the sanctuary of our heart, the weapons used against us, the enemy that opposes us, and fears that gripped our life will fall away and that which was forged against us will lose strength (1-2, Psalms 110:1, Isaiah 54:16-17). But what does the Lord want from us in return? He wants to serve Him with a grateful heart, by allowing the direction of His heart to lead us in the pathway, and to honor Him with our whole heart (3-4, Micah 6:6-8). What the Lord G_d becomes Lord not just of our church but of our life, family, and community, we will not be ashamed of allowing Him into our life (5-9, Psalms 126:4-6, Romans 10:11). When we try to tell the world all about this Jesus character without him being Lord of our life, we will struggle immensely and this spills out in our battle against the Devil. Similarly, when our life is not in submission to the Lord with our sins covered in the blood, they will be found out primarily because the Devil will tell you when you least expect it (10-14, Acts 19:14-16). The Lord is a Mighty G_d who has, can, and always will lead His children in victory in any and all battles he/she may face (15-18). Whatever trouble that may confront our lives, if we can but trust Him through the process, He will lead us through storms though we may not see it (19-23). Because we have not been around for all of the years of mankind’s walk on earth, we have the Word of the Lord that depicts in short form the rise and fall of mankind, how men/women who have gone before us have tripped over the “cornerstone”, and how even a foolish man like David was still loved despite his failings (24-27). The only power we are given is “control over our life, passions, and temptations”. The world will not like what we do but cannot argue over results (28-30). We may not understand what the Lord is doing in our life so we need to praise Him and trust Him even if the world appears to be collapsing around us (31-35).

Proverbs 6 – Parental Counsel. One of the most important things about mankind (both male and female) is that they are prone to getting into trouble (Job 14:1). It is for this reason, I believe, that we have stories about David’s epic failure, Solomon’s pride and arrogance, and the rise and fall of kingdoms so that we can see what happens when a person takes an innocuous right/left turn. It is also for this reason that Teacher Solomon is advising his sons to take active steps to get out of trouble and to do so without delay (1-5). Remember, our enemy the Devil never stops working against you until the day you go home to the Lord for that reason, we need to always be on our toes, to be faithful to the Lord, and maintain humility (1 Peter 5:8).

Obadiah 1 – Edom Will Be Humbled. There is an important part of the G_d we serve and that is, “no one gets away with sin” (1-2). Edom was laughing at Israel’s demise not knowing the hour of their judgment. Although they had homes in the clefts of the mountain which should have provided protection from attack, the kingdom was eventually decimated in the 6th century BC by the Babylonian armies (3-6). Although Edom had many allies, they would all abandon her in her hour of need just like that which happened to Israel/Judah (7-9). Edom’s 1st king was Esau the firstborn son of Isaac and Rebecca. When Jacob and Rebecca caused problems for Esau without apologizing for their actions and making it right with Esau, a lifetime battle was started between the two boys; this was most likely the impetus for Solomon to warn his sons about taking immediate steps to rectify a wrong that the young man might commit (Proverbs 6:1-5). Despite what Jacob had done to Esau, the destruction of Edom was the result of the sinful practices of the nation (10-14). Herod the Great and Herod Agrippa were direct descendants of Esau (Acts 12:19). In the second half of Obadiah, we read about “the Day of the Lord” or the time of the Messianic Kingdom (15-21).

2 Corinthians 7 – Paul Reveals His Heart. When it comes to our response to G_d’s correction, it should be our goal to make things right by clearing away the contamination of our life. While Paul’s letters to Corinth may seem rather harsh judgmental, he had a purpose for striking the tone because sin destroys every good thing in our life (1). Paul had invested a tremendous part of his time to plant and develop the church at Corinth and was not willing to stand idly by and see it implode. These people at Corinth were Paul’s students and children who dearly loved and would gladly die for them (2-4). As parents when we have to discipline our children, it isn’t easy because our actions and words may come across as “I hate you” when it could be the furthest thing from our minds. When Titus came to meet with Paul to talk about the good work being done in the church and how Paul’s letter was the medicine the church desperately needed, it was the encouragement that Paul needed at that time (5-11). The letter was a form of love just like a sincere conversation to your children by not pulling any punches (12-13). In scripture, there is a verse “wisdom is proved right by her actions” (Matthew 11:19) and this is particularly true in Paul’s dealing with Corinth because the outcome justified the means (14-16).


Notes from part 3 of Dr. Rex Allen’s Teaching

An Unstoppable Future in Christ Jesus.

Anything good comes from the Lord (James 1:17). To claim your unstoppable future, anointing, speak to the promises in Christ, you must first accept him into your life. If you don’t invite Jesus into your life, you won’t receive the blessings unless you repent and ask for forgiveness. His will must dominate your life. Christ cannot do anything through you until he has done something in you and owns you. You didn’t sign a contract when you come to Christ. The contract you work for him, he doesn’t work for you. He is there when you fall, hold you in his arms when you are hurting, broken, and have needs. For anything to work for you, his blood must flow through your life. We are called to be “co-laborers” in all things, he must be in control (1 Cor 3:9). The exact same promises, destinies, and direction spoken through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are spoken to us. The more the people grow in the Lord, the more they grow in faith and strengthened through the storms. G_d is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). The trick is that you must live your life in such a way as to please the Lord. By seeking his will, His promises gravitate towards us and the G_d, and you will see the G_d of the “Suddenlies”  (James 4:7-8).

 Before you were ever a physical breathing entity, you were thought and direction in the eyes of G_d (Jeremiah 1:5). We are a full product after being done in the Spiritual realm. This will be the generation that sees the coming of the Lord? We have the ability to no other generation has had and that is to be able to reach the loss. If you are struggling within your spirit with who you are, what you are doing in Christ Jesus. Isaiah 45:11 – sons and daughters of G_d. G_d never gets the glory for anything unless it was foretold or prophesied. “I want my people to live under a covenant blessing, a covenant of healing, and a covenant of wholeness” (Matthew 11:28). There is no place Jesus cannot get to heal you if you draw close to him instead of running away (Amos 3:3). You will live an unfulfilled life if you do not release the things that bind you and seek the Lord with all of your heart (). Through the triad, a connection is made and He answers the call. If He calls and you do not answer Him, you will miss it and not know the extent of it (Revelations 3:20-21, John 4:9-14). When we have a conversation with the Lord, it is almost always about a need in our life that supersedes physical needs. Personal add to that note: when we begin praying about the physical need, hurt, or pain in our life, it will be a springboard into the spiritual need. For example, if I am praying about the mean individual who is threatening my life, Jesus will turn that around so the prayer will be effective consider the case of Paul in light of the events that occurred at Stephen’s kangaroo court (Acts 8).

We treat the Lord like he is a vending machine that spits out the requested item after the coins have been rendered. A vending machine does not care how much you purchase from the machine and nor does it care how much weight is gained. For example, buying a diet coke after eating three fruit pies, Unfortunately, is only an illusion and a trap to get people to walk away from the Lord. If you are where you need to be in Jesus, then you should not be thirsting for the things of this life. Matthew 5:6 – Blessed are those whose hunger and thirst shall be filled. The word thirst means “people who want righteousness in their life will be filled”.

The unmet physical needs almost always are at the root of the things we do. It is the nature of our carnality to feel needed, cared for, physical needs met. When you pervert those needs, you have brought a great curse upon your life. It is sin that addresses the needs and desires of our hearts from a perverted standpoint. When sin takes over, you lose control and that is by design (Matthew 6:24). The flesh must be crucified and it must be given to Jesus Christ (Galatians 5:24, Romans 8:13-14). The more you give to Jesus the more you will want to live for him and the things of this world will hold no control over you. To thirst after righteousness means, you desire to live for Him and is will. Our spiritual condition will always be reflected in our physical actions. The worst the spiritual and the most tragic your life will be.  Personal note: The G_d of the Universe will never lay out the plan of our life in its entirety so when we walk away from the Lord, we forfeit the blessings that would have been ours if we had kept the faith. The struggles we face indeed have a purpose and if we can just hold on one more day, one more hour, and not lose faith in our Lord, He will light the way for us. In Paul’s closing letter to Pastor Timothy, Paul has spoken fervently, wholeheartedly about the struggles he was facing not to boast about his prowess for dealing with pain but to remind them that the same G_d who called them will be the same G_d who hold them (2 Timothy 4:6-8).

My prayer for encouragement


May your grace surround my brothers and sisters especially Rex, Ron, and many others who are enduring severe medical issues. I know that we are not immune from medical issues nor having our work ripped up but, if we can just hold on for one more day, one more hour, and one more minute, we will see G_d’s plan unfold for our life’s mission. You have amazing plans for our lives and you give us all that we need so that we can effectively and efficiently minister to others. Thank you for everything that you do in our life.



Daily Psalm 6/17/2021

The [empty-headed] fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”
They are corrupt and evil, and have committed repulsive injustice;
There is no one who does good.
God has looked down from heaven upon the children of men
To see if there is anyone who understands,
Who seeks after God [who requires Him, who longs for Him as essential to life].
Every one of them has turned aside and fallen away;
Together they have become filthy and corrupt;
There is no one who does good, no, not even one (Psalms 53:1-3).

While this Psalm appears to be talking to the world, I want you to consider that this is written to G_d’s children and the nation in particular. This Psalm is challenging the nation to take a hard look at his/her life to see if there is any way in them that is wrong and take steps towards reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5). We may never say, “there is no G_d” but will act and talk like it. Of course, mankind will listen with one ear and flush the information out the other and then wonder why their world has collapsed around them. I encourage you today to take a hard look at your life, to see if there is an area that is in disagreement with the Word of G_d. 


One of your greatest desires for your children is that they would be happy and content. Sin is a seed that causes discontent, anger, frustration, and leads to war. The Devil knows this and all he needs is a small crack in a door or window to get into even the strongest of Christians. Please check my life to see if there is an area that is not surrendered to you and help me to bring you glory and honor in all that I do. Please be with my law enforcement officers, EMT staff, teachers, preachers, and military. Lord, we pray for rain upon our land.



Daily Bible Readings 6/17/2021

Reading #1 – Exodus 35

Reading #2 – Psalms 67

Reading #3 – Proverbs 5

Reading #4 – Amos 9

Reading #5 – 2 Corinthians 6



Exodus 35 – The Sabbath and the Temple. The Sabbath or “day of rest” was a time set aside for the people to rest that is, “no work was to be done” (2-3). The offering that was directed by the Lord asked “anybody whose heart is moved” so, it was not compulsory (20-29). The articles requested were for the Holy place and the Holy of Holies. Everything that was requested would be put to use and nothing would be wasted (4-9). Everybody who had a skill or talent was invited to work on the project. Two men were pointed out specifically because of the unique gifts they possessed and these men would train others sort of like an apprenticeship (30-35).

Psalms 67 – The Nations Exhorted to Praise G_d. When we are obedient to our Lord King’s call upon our life, our hearts will overflow in willingness to serve, and kindhearted to bless (1-2). For “all people to praise the Lord” and “for every knee to bow”, it all begins in the confines of G_d’s people (3-6, Romans 14:11). For the earth to yield its harvest, peace must be on the earth not as the world gives it but as the Lord approves it (6-7, John 14:27).

Proverbs 5 – Pitfalls of Immorality. One of the hardest things to get through our hard heads is that G_d’s commands and precepts boil down to two key factors: obedience and faithfulness. There are things we are admonished to do that would seem to be non-sensical. The prostitute mentioned (1-6) is setting a trap that most people will not catch onto until it is too late. The Lord’s goal is not to make us “perfect examples” but to get us to see the trap for what it is and not step into it. The prostitute’s weapons are a smile and an enticing body for which many see as “she or he loves me” and will miss her/his diabolical plan for your life, your home, and your community. The thing is, we too have weapons and one of them happens to be a smile and an open hand that will lead that person from his/her pathway to the eternal pathway; kindness is the key to unlocking a hardened heart.

Amos 9 – G_d’s Judgment Unavoidable. The nation Israel was being hurdled towards a time of great calamity and there was no safe place to go to (). The disobedience of the nation had become a stench in G_d’s nostrils. The Lord had rescued them from Egypt’s whip”, provided for them along their journey, and gave them lands they did not work for (). The thing is, just like it is the present-day world, not everybody in the nation was given to pagan worship nor had they bowed a knee to Baal (7-8, 1 Kings 19:18). Israel because of their sinful ways caused nations that once supported them to become part of the insurgency. The same Lord who leads the nation of Egypt would be the same G_d who would command its destruction and the reason is, He’d rather destroy than give his people over to the Devil (9-10).

2 Corinthians 6 – Their Ministry Commended. Paul is speaking about the problems the church at Corinth was experiencing. Receiving G_d’s grace and not changing the course of your life makes His promises null and void or “receiving it in vain” (). To G_d, the present-time is His time of favor and the best time to get things right before Him (2). Because Paul was a faithful servant, made it his life’s mission to minister the word of G_d without obstructions, pitfalls, and/or skeletons in the closet (3-10); because he ordered his life this way, he demanded it of his preachers, teachers, and the people within the church (11-13). The notion to be “unequally bound” implies connecting two different animals and making them work together; no matter how fast or tall the one animal is, the team will always be negatively affected by the slowest animal. In the same way, when two people forge a friendship if one is a born-again Bible-believing Christian and the other is not, they will be unable to minister to each other or lift each other up (14-16). While this sounds like I am saying “avoid the world at all costs”, you can minister to the world but do not let the world impact your life negatively. When we walk in obedience to the Lord, He walks with us, ministers to our needs, opens doors that we never thought possible, and brings great joy into our life. The world will always have its “community fairs” to entice us but it is our responsibility to always be obedient and faithful in all things (17-18).