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Welcome to all who have found this page. I hope that you will find within it words of encouragement and strength for the battle you are fighting. I have found it is helpful to know that I am not alone in the struggles I face and so, I put up this web page with the hopes that someone else will catch the fire of God’s word.
To begin with, I would like to tell you my story and how I came to where I am in Christ Jesus. In 1985, I got saved in a little town of Kami Seya Japan. For a few years, my life was going in the right direction beginning with God-honoring my prayer for a wife and family. I served onboard ship from 1991 – 1995; during that time, I prayed fearlessly and lived courageously for Christ. It was said of me “He held the ship in the palm of his hands” because of the life I lived. After being on a ship for four years, I went back to my home state of Minnesota for a tour as a Navy Recruiter and this is where my life took a left turn.  For the next 10 years, my life began to fall apart due to my struggling to do things my way. I was told “put in the long hours and get people into the Navy and you will get promoted”; so, I did put in the long hours at the office which, meant less time for the home life which is where the magic really is.  I never did get promoted – go figure! I retired from the Navy in 1997 and started a career in Information Technology (IT). Again, I tried to get promoted by doing things without wisdom and without God’s hand in my life. I took on assignments that I had no earthly idea how to do and I got the job by deceptive words and empty promises.  My wife and kids suffered greatly because of my actions; I kept telling myself that the long hours and extra days at work were for the family when it was really about me.
In 2005, something stirred within me to go back to the place God had me spiritually. I asked of the Holy Spirit at that time and the time since then to “please teach me through the Word.” The Holy Spirit did exactly that and for 13 years now I have remained under his tutelage. Every once in a while, my old nature comes out to try and run the show but, through prayer and confession, I still remain in the Kingdom of the Highest. I have found in the past 13 years that God’s desire for us is not “perfection” but the willingness to take the journey. The Holy Spirit’s covenant with me is that I attend classes, study, and apply what I have learned. This may sound appealing to my readers but, I will also tell you that there is a downside to classes and that is, there are tests (notice the plural word); with each step upward in training, the tests become that much harder but, the rewards are so much better.
 I went back to daily readings in 2005.  Now 13 years later four different Bibles and 14 times through the Word in a year’s time, I am still reading and growing in Jesus. Years earlier, I got a reading program from Chick Tracts and have since modified it to make it more dynamic.  I will put up the program on this page so that anybody who wants can use it to further develop their walk with Christ Jesus.

Life is a journey that goes through many hills, valleys, and jungles. In life, we are powerless to dictate which conditions (roads) we will walk on. Because, life happens out of the result of choices made either by ourselves or by others. If we want to follow God’s path, we must understand that in all things God is teaching us through adversity; so, we cannot run away from it or alter the pathway. We are powerless to change other people; the only thing we can change is our attitude, coupled with our prayers, and choosing to always please God. May you find the courage today to take God’s yoke upon you and learn of his ways (Matthew 11:28).

I encourage your comments but, please remember to be civil when making them. if you have constructive criticism of these writings, i would welcome your input.

In His Name


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