Preparing for God’s Gift

Preparing for God’s Special Gift


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In every calling in life whether it be a minister, a speaker, writer, an actor, a husband/wife, or a parent it all takes time preparation to make room for that ministry in our life. Many of us, I included, have asked God for something special or to be used by him but, that’s where it all stops, and the wheels come off the proverbial axel. You see, we are very good about asking and praying for God’s move and even quicker about asking for prayers from others but, we are not so quick about doing the groundwork that is required of us. So, when the ministerial opportunity comes about, we miss it. Unfortunately, when we miss out on an opportunity, it may never present itself again at least not in its original form. Attending church, reading God’s word, and praying are all good things to do however when the heart is not prepared for God, he will not move on your life.


So, how does one prepare his or her heart for God’s gift?


  1. Ask for God’s help (Matthew 11:28-29). God will never force himself upon anybody and so you will need to ask in faith believing He will not fail you (James 1:8), believe he will do what has promised (Hebrews 11:6), and his Spirit will fill your heart (Psalms 126:2). One of the many ailments of mankind is his and she’s inability no desire to ask for help as it will make that person feel weakling; which is, of course, a lie perpetrated by the Devil for Him to accomplish his goal for your life which is your destruction.
  2. Get to know the truth (John 8:31-32). The truth is, you were made in the image of a Holy and Righteous God; you were built from the ground up for a ministry. The Devil will whisper in our ears that we are “no good”, a “failure”, and scourge yet, God calls us his children (1 John 3). The lie is deceiving because, it is so close the truth that it is very easy to believe it. For this reason, the Devil will never appear in a red jumpsuit with a spear in his hand. Rather, he comes as a wolf in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15) or a soft-talking grandmother/father. All of our life, we are told lies through deceptive marketing; who has not heard the infamous statement, “Do you want to be like ____ then, buy this and you will be _____”. From these advertisements, people spend all of their resources trying to be like _______.
  3. Come to grips with your failures that get in the way of your ministry or calling (Psalms 51). We all have indeed failed at one point in time or another and dit doesn’t matter who we are or what our background is, nor what our family tree looks like (Romans 3:21-23). Our sins, once confessed and are forgiven, need never hold us down again even when the Devil tries to entice us back into that arena. When God forgives, he forgives completely and without hesitation. If God forgives us, then we too should forgive ourselves and leave them at the cross of calvary under the cleansing blood. From our forgiven failures, we more able to help others who have fallen in the same way we did. When I read David’s accounts, I am encouraged because, I know that if a cad like David can be forgiven and healed, so can I and so can you.
  4. Take stock of your skills and/or talents that will aid you in your ministry or calling (Romans 11:29). God has given each of us gifts and talents that are wrapped up in our character. These gifts do not diminish nor are they enhanced by the direction we take in life; rather, their purpose is altered. If we had no gifts and talents, what use would we be to the body and how would we build it up? It would be like being a member of the band and be unable to carry a tune in a bucket. When we yield our skills and talents to the Kingdom of God, He takes the little we offer and makes it more than we can imagine.


Jesus is God’s special gift to man even now 2000 plus years later and for some reason, the gift still doesn’t resemble what the people are looking for. God’s gift of salvation is not a “one size fits all” so not everybody accepts the message on the first go-around nor shares the same salvation story. Some tell great stories about the mighty move of God on their life coupled with “mountain top experiences” or instances similar to Saul (Acts 8). This may cause people to doubt their salvation because no bells or whistles were going off. If you will notice, God never gives us gifts according to the “wants” but according to the “needs” of our life. The problem is, “those gifts are often misconstrued as ‘curses’ rather than gifts. As parents, we pray for our children especially those leaving home for the first time. When trouble finds its way to our children, it breaks our heart especially when we have warned them about their behavior. We can be encouraged that no matter how bad life gets or how dark the clouds may be or how much rain is being poured down on us, God still has a plan for life and he still loves us. Like the good Father he is, He knows what we need and when we need it – all we have to do is ask.


Yours in Faith


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