Daily Bible Reading 11/26/2020

Reading #1 – Mark 7

Reading #2 – Psalms 59

Reading #3 – Proverbs 18

Reading #4 – Isaiah 37

Reading #5 – 1 Chronicle 14



1 Chronicle 14 – David’s Palace and Family. Everything G_d does in and through our life is never done halfway. Then King Hiram of Tyre sent messengers to David, along with cedar timber, and stonemasons and carpenters to build him a palace. And David realized that the LORD had confirmed him as king over Israel and had greatly blessed his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel (1-2). David grew his family through marriage to many women. Because David had spent time in the land of Philistia, the Philistines attacked Jerusalem to capture David (8). When the Philistines had been beaten, they abandoned their gods and David commanded that they be burnt which was a good move (12) because those idols would have been a never-ending nuisance to the kingdom.

Psalms 59  – A Psalm of David. Because Saul was bent on destroying David, he sent men throughout Israel to find where David was hiding. These lookouts made life difficult for David. Although he had done nothing deserving of being hounded, these men were following Saul’s orders. When Saul had lost his anointing because of sin, the power of the Devil came in like a flood to wash away every square inch of the place where G_d’s Spirit once dwelled (Luke 11:24-26). Under the influence of the minions of the Devil, Saul sought to eradicate David from the face of the earth. There are a few issues that Saul failed to recognize. First David was the Lord’s anointed the minions knew this and trembled. Second, while Saul was attacking David, he failed to recognize how close he was getting to the edge until it was too late. But LORD, you laugh at them. You scoff at all the hostile nations. You are my strength; I wait for you to rescue me, for you, O God, are my fortress. In his unfailing love, my God will stand with me. He will let me look down in triumph on all my enemies (8-10).

Proverbs 18 – Pearls For Life In An Ungodly World. In every generation and every quadrant of our world, there will always be unfriendly people, fools, scandalous behavior, and wisdom. How we react to them just like how we use wisdom will greatly determine how successful or how much a flop we will be. G_d’s world does not command us to “change the world to live like Jesus” rather we are to live for Jesus and let the light shine so that everybody will see it and come into covenant with Jesus. Like David and Solomon, when we sin our judgment becomes skewed rendering us incapable of judging correctly. While it is true that “It is not right to acquit the guilty or deny justice to the innocent” (5) we will acquit the guilty to cover our tracks as David did to Uriah the Hittite (2 Samuel 11:14-15). For this same reason, David was unable to reel in his sons or condemn them for their sin. The mouths of fools start quarrels but we do not need to react to it just like we do not need to listen to rumors.

Isaiah 37 – Hezekiah Seeks the Lord’s Help. Assyria had been invading Jerusalem and the Assyrian commander taunted the nation by speaking in Hebrew to the people which was a holy language used only in the temple. After King Hezekiah’s officials delivered the king’s message to Isaiah, the prophet replied, “Say to your master, ‘This is what the LORD says: Do not be disturbed by this blasphemous speech against me from the Assyrian king’s messengers. Listen! I will move against him, and the king will receive a message that he is needed at home. So he will return to his land, where I will have him killed with a sword (5-7).’” The Devil will use this tactic to rattle our cages. The point is, “I know the language too and I will use it whenever I feel like it and it is simply foul language.” We have the Word of G_d and the Devil knows everything in it so he knows how to misuse it to tear down the walls of our life. “This message is for King Hezekiah of Judah. Don’t let your God, in whom you trust, deceive you with promises that Jerusalem will not be captured by the king of Assyria. You know perfectly well what the kings of Assyria have done wherever they have gone. They have destroyed everyone who stood in their way! Why should you be any different? Have the gods of other nations rescued them—such nations as Gozan, Haran, Rezeph, and the people of Eden who were in Tel-Assar? My predecessors destroyed them all! What happened to the king of Hamath and the king of Arpad? What happened to the kings of Sepharvaim, Hena, and Ivvah (10-13)?” Hezekiah did know how Assyria had destroyed the gods of the nations that surrounded Jerusalem but they were not Gods, they were simply idols formed by man to be bowed down to. The king of Assyria was put to death by his sons (37). Before Jerusalem was captured in 586, Assyria and Israel had already been defeated and the people were sent into exile according to the word given by Isaiah (Isaiah 7:4-9). When we get rattled, we make rash decisions that compound the problem.

Mark 7 – Jesus Teaches on Inner Purity. Inner purity, or that which is in our heart, is not tainted by what we eat. However, there are things we need to avoid because of health issues or to avoid offending people. The Pharisees and Sadducees were steeped in their traditions and that would have been fine except for where it goes against the Word of G_d. When we teach tradition, like washing the hands before every meal, the next generation will rise to challenge that tradition and chose to start a new tradition. For instance, Moses gave you this law from God: ‘Honor your father and mother,’ and ‘Anyone who speaks disrespectfully of father or mother must be put to death.’ But you say it is all right for people to say to their parents, ‘Sorry, I can’t help you. I have vowed to give to God what I would have given to you.’ In this way, you let them disregard their needy parents. And so you cancel the word of God to hand down your tradition. And this is only one example among many others (10-13).”.


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