Daily Bible Readings 2/22/2021

Reading #1 – Genesis 1

Reading #2 – Psalms 133

Reading #3 – Proverbs 5

Reading #4 – Ezekiel 1

Reading #5 – Esther 8



Genesis 1 – The Creation Story. As much as it causes pain to Christian teachings, this story, like Noah and the flood, is a Mesopotamian story that seeks to explain how we came into being. When we look at our lives, we want to believe that mankind has been around since the beginning of time but, we not 100% sure of ourselves. When we read the story, it appears to make logical sense because nobody was around when the earth was formed or when the first man walked the earth. When we see trees, we have to know that something was planted before the trees, somebody had to make the first man and woman; this is where “religion” and “faith” come into place. Religion helps man to explain this “creator G_d” and faith fills in the blank spots. While we may not have witnessed the creation, we do know, based on credible testimony, how lives are changed and rebirth takes place.

Esther 8 – Mordecai Promoted. After Haman died, the signet ring belonging to the King was removed and given to Mordecai. The signet ring was the sign of the King’s authority. All documents that were written in the name of the King had to be sealed with the imprint of the ring to validate the authority. Because of the law of the Medes and Persians, previous orders could not be changed but, they could be overwritten by a new law. According to the layman’s bible, the reason for the strict law of the “Medes and Persia” the writer aimed to curtail the kings from issuing misguided laws and then revoking when it negatively impacted the king. In the time of Daniel, the king wrote a hasty law that “anyone who worshipped any other god for 60 days would be thrown to the lion’s den which was a source of consternation because the king liked Daniel (Daniel 6:18-19).

Psalms 133 – Brotherly Unity. Unity in the body of Christ is something that should be daily sought after, trained for, and given to. When there is disharmony, nothing gets done because people will be at odds with each other. Where there is disharmony, the Devil has a free hand to destroy. Consider Sodom and Gomorrah which were destroyed in a single day. Having unity in the body begins by allowing the one Holy Spirit to fill the church.

Proverbs 5 – Why Do the Things that Bring Disrepute? When we do things that bring trouble to our home, it is common for the person to say “Why me”? What precedes our troubles, usually, are the things that we didn’t consider. The laws of the Medes and Persians said, once the law is enacted, there was no such thing as “oops I made a mistake in judgment” so the writer had to clearly outline his intentions and think his decisions through before putting them into writing. In the same way, when we say or do things without thinking them through, we create problems that cause problems later in life. Forgiveness makes things right between parties but, it doesn’t undo a sin. The iniquities done by a wicked man will trap him, and he will be held with the cords of his sin. He will die for lack of instruction (discipline), And in the greatness of his foolishness, he will go astray and be lost (22-23).

Ezekiel 1  – The Vision of the Four Figures. Ezekiel was born somewhere around 626 BC. Ezekiel’s 13th year was about 5 years after Jehoiachin was taken captive to Babylon. The vision he sees is similar to what John the Revelator saw. With the two visions be in agreement, we can be relatively sure what the throneroom of G_d looks like. The use of pictorial drawings helps the reader understand difficult concepts. To describe the throneroom might appear to be easy but, not everyone sees things the same way. In the book of Daniel, the king sees visions that scare him until Daniel explains it.

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