Psalms 136_in_Reflection

What G_d has Done

Good morning,

When I read Psalms 136, some things stood out in my mind that I want to share with you.

  1. “Thanks for the Lord’s Goodness to Israel”. When you read this Psalm, it is tempting to believe that G_d is only speaking to Israel. Reciting the Psalm and accepting it in your heart are two different things. Paul said, “Not all Israel is Israel” (Romans 9:6-7). The Psalmist not just speaking to Spiritual Israel or those who are in covenant with him and honor it, he speaks to the whole nation. In the same way, His word speaks to the world at large but applies to people in covenant. The same message that was spoken to Israel also speaks to the world in the 21st Century (Malachi 3:6-7). When you return to G_d that is, “turning your heart and mind to Him”, He will refill your life and this Psalm will become the lifeblood of your relationship with Him (Malachi 3:8-12).
  2. Who do we give thanks to? Everything we possess belongs to G_d (Hebrews 2:10-18) which means our gifts and talents that enable us to earn an income to meet our needs, lands to cultivate our food, family ties to strengthen us, and/or the mind to understand what He has done in our life. Sometimes we need to step outside of our life and look inward then we can understand that “it wasn’t us that build our life it was the Lord of lords and the G_d of gods (2-3).” The world gives thanks to its “gods” like the god of materialism for all that G_d has provided and because of it get entangled and trapped.
  3. What has He Done? Think about all that He has done in your life, think about the storms he has brought you through, the disasters that came and left, and lives we have seen go before us. We easily attribute all of the bad things that have happened in our lives to be “G_d’s handiwork” like the death of a child because of suicide, a marriage that wasn’t mended, and/or the traffic ticket we received. We do not as easily credit the good things that G_d has done that we abused, the doors He has opened that we did not enter, the counseling we refused to listen to, and/or the skills and talents he has given us that we did not make use of. When we live in a place long enough, we become blind to the beauty that surrounds us and it takes a tourist to help us see the natural beauty of our homeland. In 2020 we were and still are tangled with Covid 19 and it was seen as a “curse” but, when we open our eyes and ears, we see that G_d has turned the disaster into a blessing. Before COVID 19, people spent their income at different venues now, they seek the linking of family. G_d has done marvelous things in our life, we just don’t recognize it.

We are G_d’s magnum opus His marvelous work. Our bodies contain 60 miles of veins, a heart that keeps working even while we sleep, and as we age our body adapts to the changes (Psalms 139:14).  May your find peace in all that you do today.


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