Daily Psalm 3/16/2021

I said, “I will guard the ways that I may not sin with my tongue; I will muzzle my mouth While the wicked are in my presence” (Psalms 39:1).

The time to promise or be in covenant with G_d on what we will say is, before the battle. Once we are in the heat of the battle, we say things that we most often do not mean. When I was on the phone with a bank representative, I said some things that I later regretted. I was not prepared for that call and it was for that reason that the call got out of hand. it is easy to say, “well I will never see them so I can say whatever I want to and maybe even curse at them.”  The thing is, “words hurt the speaker and the listener”. 


 Please help me to put a guard over my mouth so that I do not speak thoughtlessly (Psalms 141:3). Words hurt people though they do not tell people about it. Every person on this planet is yours, Lord and they are children of the Living G_d. Help me to have the courage to step up to encourage lives for your kingdom and be a voice in the darkness. May you be pleased with me today and every day.

Yours in Christ Jesus

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