Daily Bible Reading 3/23/2021

Reading #1 – Genesis 28

Reading #2 – Psalms 10

Reading #3 – Lamentations 1

Reading #4 – Ezekiel 28

Reading #5 – Job 25



Genesis 28 – Jacob is Sent Away. Because of the rift that Rebeccah had created and upon hearing of Esau’s revenge, she convinced Isaac to send Jacob away (1-2, Genesis 27:46). Jacob is sent back to the place that Abraham expressly forbade his servant from taking his son Isaac back to Mesopotamia (Genesis 24:5-6). When you consider Rebeccah’s actions leading up to the stolen blessing, it should raise red flags in the mind of the reader. Because of Rebeccah’s deception, the two brothers would be locked in battle and, now Jacob would unwittingly be caught in Laban’s trap (3-5). Esau married Ishmael’s firstborn daughter out of vengeance which would create further problems at another time (6-9).

Job 25 – Bildad Says Man Is Inferior. While Bildad is correct in his assumption that power and awe belong to G_d, he is playing the Devil’s advocate. Job wanted to present his case before the Lord but, Bildad in essence is asking “who do you think you are” (3-6)? What we are hearing in this discourse is the Devil’s argument. The Devil was bitter because he was cast out of Heaven and denied the throne of G_d and it was for that reason why he was seeking to destroy someone in the first place. Job looked and smelt like a maggot but his heart was fully committed to being obedient before the Lord. The Devil failed because of his arrogance, Job was attacked for no fault of his own. On the outside, the two incidents appear to be the same but when you look on the inside, you can see where the two are isolated incidents.

Psalms 10 – A Prayer for the Overthrow of the Wicked. The writer is decrying the work of the wicked and how they revel in their wickedness. The success the wicked enjoy has a two-fold purpose to cause the wicked to become complacent and to cause the righteous to abandon the Lord G_d. On the outside, the wicked appear to have the best of the world’s favors but on the inside, there is corruption, intrigue, and abuse. When the wicked are overthrown (2-4), it is by their hand under the influence of the deceiver (John 10:10). The world sneers at G_d because He is portrayed as the “enemy of fun” (4-6) but when their world is destroyed and all that remains is a remnant of what once was, the same lot says “G_d I need you” consider the case of Judas (Matthew 27:3-10).

Lamentations 1 – Sorrows of Zion. The city that once housed a vast kingdom was now empty and the people were being carted off to Babylon. G_d had plans to prosper the people that they would grow in size and dimension (Jeremiah 29:11). What we are seeing though is “Sin’s response to G_d”. Jeremiah had written a long scroll detailing G_d’s response to the king’s foolishness but it was disregarded (Jeremiah 36:22-23). While King Jehoiachin paid for his sins with his life, the kingdom would be exiled. In the good days, the kingdom had nations lining up to seek favors but now the wealth was gone and the people seeking favor abandoned the nation (2-3). Sin does this to us, it leads us to the pinnacle where we think we shall reign forever only to be cut off. Sadly, the things and people that served us provided for us and gave us a sense of power would become our masters and we would serve bitterly before them (4-5).

Ezekiel 28 – Tyre’s King Overthrown. The king of Tyre believed himself to be a god because of the land he governed, the people who flocked to him, and the vastness of his wealth. The king, however, was not a god to be worshipped, he was a mortal who could bleed, be overthrown, and destroyed as quickly as he came to power just like Herod (3-7, Acts 12:20-23). Wickedness compels us to want more until we have no room for it and then try to build a bigger barn to house our wealth only to have the wealth taken away from us leaving an empty barn and shell of what once was. The funeral dirge was the same tune that was sung about the Devil, Pharaoh, the armies of Egypt, and Babylon (13-19, Exodus 15:3-7, Isaiah  14:16-20, Luke 10:17-20).


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