Daily Bible Reading 3/25/2021

Reading #1 – Genesis 29

Reading #2 – Psalms 11

Reading #3 – Lamentations 2

Reading #4 – Ezekiel 29

Reading #5 – Job 26



Genesis 29 – Jacob Meets Rachel. When Jacob arrived in Haran which was in the east, he was welcomed by Rebeccah’s brother Laban. Laban was known for his treachery just as it was with the people he lived with. Jacob was in love with Rachel and would have been satisfied with her. The agreement was that Jacob had to work for 7 years (19-20). After the amount of time was completed, Jacob came for his payment to which Laban put Leah, Rachel’s sister, in Jacob’s tent and Jacob consummated the marriage before he found out what Laban had done. Once the marriage was consummated, it was a done deal. When Jacob confronted Laban about what he had done, the excuse was “I can’t marry off the younger one before the older one”(21-26). The reason Jacob didn’t notice the difference between the two was that Laban had gotten him too drunk. A new agreement was made that Jacob was to complete the marriage festival and then he could have Rachell too. The problem with the two wives is that there would be constant competition when it came to bearing children. Leah gave birth to the 1st son Rueben then Simeon, Levi, and then Judah. Rachell, however, was barren (31-35).

Job 26 – Job Rebukes Bildad. After Bildad expounded on Job’s unrighteousness, Job rebukes him for uttering such nonsense. According to Job, the purpose of counseling someone was to encourage them and uplift them (2-4). The Devil shakes in the presence of G_d and he is an Ark Angel so how much more should mankind tremble in His presence (5-14)?

Psalms 11 – The Lord a Refuge and Defense. From all of the years that David spent running, shepherding sheep in the cold dark nights, and protecting the men who followed him, he understood the concept of G_d’s protection. Saul wanted him dead but the Lord G_d had other plans for young David (1-2). Even when the foundation that G_d  had built through righteousness is attacked, the Lord is still in control and will guide the situation to its final rest (3-5). Although the world is bent on its ways, the Lord is still in control and the truth will always come out even if the world does not like it (7).

Lamentations 2 – G_d’s Anger Over Israel. Imagine the world being its Sunday finest, no anger is found, no fights, the city is clean and orderly, there is plenty of food and clean water to drink, and the elders are respected by the youth. Now imagine waking up from a dream to find the city in the opposite situation and you will have an idea how bad it was for Israel. In saying “Israel”, he was not talking about the Northern Kingdom but the nation as a whole. Everything that happened in one segment of the nation was felt in the others (1-3). What the Lord G_d promised through Moses was now coming to fruition centuries after Moses. All of Israel, including the sacred temple, was now a plot of land to be taken away (7-8). There is only one healer that could restore this mess and that was the Lord G_d (13)? Jeremiah Laments for fallen Israel. With each succeeding exile, the torment for the nation got worst but this too was part of the Lord’s plan.

Ezekiel 29 – Judgment of Egypt. Egypt would soon lose everything it possessed because of Pharaoh’s pride  (1-3, Exodus 14:27-28). The nation would be decimated by Nebuchadnezzar and the horde of Babylon. Just like Israel/Judah was destroyed and no one did anything in the land except farm it, so Egypt would also be left empty for 40 years. While Nebuchadnezzar was given the power to decimate Egypt, he should have had the epiphany “If it happened to Egypt, what more can He do to me”? However, as we’ll find out, he didn’t have that epiphany. When Egypt did return to her tribal lands, the people would be smaller and possess no power to do anything (13-16).

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