Daily Psalm 3/25/2021

The wicked crush [their prey] and crouches; And the unfortunate fall by their mighty claws. They say to themself, “G_d has [quite] forgotten; He has hidden His face; He will never see our deeds” (Psalm 10:10-11).

It is unfortunate that we do not get justice as we think we deserve. There is an inherent problem with living in the US today, the wicked get what the righteous think they deserve. G_d knows our heart and is not blinded by our tears nor shaken at our laments when He knows what our part was in the conflict. Babylon crushed Israel, the Edomites and Tyre rejoiced in Israel’s fall but Israel/Judah had misused what was provided and became proud. In the end, all sides paid the price for sin.


Thank you for a new day. for my family and families, for all that you have blessed me with. Help me to consider the fall of the wicked and consider that as they fell so,  I can also fall. May your good Spirit guide me today and always.



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