Daily Bible Readings 4/6/2021

Reading #1 – Genesis 39

Reading #2 – Psalms 21

Reading #3 – Proverbs 7

Reading #4 – Ezekiel 39

Reading #5 – Job 36



Genesis 39 – Joseph’s Success in Egypt. The scene changes from the wicked actions of Judah and Tamar along with the trouble that was caused, to the righteous Joseph in Egypt. A point could be made that when we live uprightly before the Lord, it doesn’t matter where we are or under what circumstances, we will succeed. From the time that Joseph entered Potipher’s home, everything in the home was successful including the produce from the garden and the meat from the animals (1-4). Potipher was not a worshipper of the Hebrew G_d but he knew something was different about this man. So Joseph is made the overseer of the home and Potipher did not worry about Joseph’s decisions. Joseph was young and viral so Potipher’s wife lusted after him. Joseph did not want anything to do with this woman because he knew she was Potipher’s wife and it would be a sin against G_d and Potipher to say nothing of his credibility if he caved into her charms. One day, he entered the home to do his work and a trap had been set for him because nobody was in the home except the woman and Joseph.  The woman caught hold of him and wouldn’t let go so ran out of the house and left his coat to which the woman used as evidence against him. Joseph ended up in prison and because he had not sinned against G_d, the blessings that were on Potipher’s home were moved to the prison (19-23).

Job 36 – Elihu Speaks of G_d’s Dealings with Men. Pride was speaking for Elihu and getting him deeper into the cesspool to drown him. To behalf of G_d is liken to marring His judgment in the eyes of the world (2-4). In this way, he made himself a “self-appointed mediary between G_d and mankind” which is foolishness sort of like the example of the person taking the prominent spot at reception and being told to move to the back (Luke 14:7-12). The problem with Elihu’s argument is that what he is saying is not false but it is not true with the intent of the heart or the motive. Remember, the counselors set out to prove that Job was steeped in sin and that was the reason he was afflicted. Scripture is powerful and it transforms lives but it can also be used to destroy lives depending on how it is employed. When the Devil uses words from scripture, his intent is not on teaching us the truths of G_d but how that we misunderstood and that is where Elihu is coming from (9-12). According to Elihu, Job had been complaining against G_d which is “wickedness” and that he should learn from these disasters and grow through them although, I don’t know of anyone who could endure such a mess and yet not be in pain (21-22).

Psalms 21 – Praise for Help. When the Lord delights in man, He gives him the desires of their heart (2-3, Psalms 37:23-24). David, at this point in his life, knew the salvation power of the LORD and would never lose faith in him. When we walk in obedience to the LORD as David did, we can ask for what we need (4-5, John 16:23-24). The blessings that are given to us require continual obedience and it is the reason why G_d removes His covering over our lives and our nation when we cave in to sin and the Devil’s diabolical plan. When we follow the path David blazed, we too can know the power of his words and the glory of the Most-High will guide us (7-8). For the king to have the victory, there must be a battle that challenges what he believed and not just idle words (8-10). Singing the High Praises of G_d is easy when life is at its best but far more difficult when life takes tragic turns like Job. When we come through the fire, our words are tested and proven to be true (12-13, 1 Corinthians 3;11-15).

Proverbs 7 – The Wiles of the Prostitute. When we look at Psalms 21 compared to Proverbs 7, we see two different characters one is a skilled fighter not given to illusions, and the other focused only on his “needs”. The prostitute’s words were simply an “illusion” meant to appeal to the taste buds just like Adam and Eve (16-17, Genesis 3:6). The Devil’s aim is to make his trap look appealing and safe “no harm can come from this” or, “there will be no charge” (18-23).

Ezekiel 39 – Prophecy Against Gog – Invaders Destroyed. Gog was the prophet Joel’s grandson (1Chronicles 5:4). Joel was the one who rang the battle alarm to awaken the nation (Joel 1-3). Joel prophecied between the time of David and Solomon or somewhere around 1600 – 1100 BC. David’s failure gave rise to the fall of the nation that would be felt until long after the exile. Gog and Magog wage war against G_d’s people to dethrone G_d from the earth. What is not understood is that the Devil can only dethrone G_d from the earth by the power of mankind’s choice. At issue, though is that while the Devil looks like He has the edge and will win decisively on purpose and brings with him those who followed him (1-6). The Devil knows he will never win a battle with the G_d of the universe but gets people to follow him under a false pretense, a false sense of security, and a fear predicated on the “unknown”. Israel/Samaria and Judah had profaned the name of the Lord by serving idols and worshipping the foreign G_ds of the land. After the exile, the survivors returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls and Temple. By doing so, the work that Gog and Magog had done to destroy the land would be upended and the weapons of warfare that were used to destroy Israel would be burned up (7-10, Isaiah 2:2-4, Joel 3:11-14, Micah 4:1-4). By saying “I will give Gog a burial place, the old hostilities would have to come to end. Gog and his people would be buried in Hamon-Gog or “multitudes of Gog” or a mass grave. This is where Gog and Magog’s efforts all led up to and where they all ended and people saw the truth for what it was instead of what they were told it was (11-16, Joel 3:13-16).



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