Daily Bible Readings 4/8/2021

Reading #1 – Genesis 41

Reading #2 – Psalms 23

Reading #3 – Proverbs 9

Reading #4 – Ezekiel 41

Reading #5 – Job 38



Genesis 41 – Pharaoh’s Dreams. Two years had passed since the Cupbearer had been restored to his position after being imprisoned (1). Pharaoh’s dreams bewildered him because he had two dreams with the same initial setting and the same ending which means, the dreams were more than just “bad food” or a hectic day. The problem was, there was no one to interpret it so the dream was mysterious and he wanted to know what it meant (1 Corinthians 14:1-3). Pharaoh consulted his magicians who were supposed to know the meanings of dreams but they were useless (8). So the Cupbearer finally comes clean about the man who interpreted the dreams he had thought that maybe he, Joseph, could help the Pharaoh (9-13). Joseph was removed from prison, cleaned up, and presented to Pharaoh (14). When asked, Joseph gave no glory to himself but deferred to G_d as the source of understanding (16). Upon hearing the dreams, Joseph warned about a coming seven-year famine after seven years of abundance. Joseph warned that the Pharaoh should use the time given to prepare by putting away 1/5 of the product so that the nation would not starve during the famine (32-36). Putting Joseph in charge of Egypt was Pharaoh’s idea; so, Joseph the Hebrew slave was promoted to the Governor of the land second only to Pharaoh (38-44, Proverbs 29:23). 13 years had passed since he was handed over by his brothers, taken to Egypt by the Midianites, and the events that led up to his incarceration. Joseph was called Zephenath-Paneah and was given the daughter of the High Priest as a wife. In time, Zephanth-Paneah and his wife would have two children Mannesah which means “causing to forget” and Ephrem which means “Fruitful” (45). Not only did Egypt prosper but so did Joseph (50-52, 3 John 1:2). At the end of seven good years, the famine started and it would irrevocably change the world (53-57).

Job 38 – G_d Speaks Now to Job. After Elihu finishes his discourse and nothing more can be said, G_d takes the witness stand and takes the steam right out of Job. This is part of the problem with demanding the truth and hearing G_d’s judgment. Because He knows everything, controls everything, and keeps everything in order, He knows all about us and can point out with pinpoint accuracy the truth of the matter and no one comes away from Him unscathed or “completely righteous”  as Job pointed out earlier in the conversation (Job 9:4). There are things that G_d does that He does not tell us about because either we are not ready for the information or we don’t need to know it. In Job’s case, it was the matter of why he was attacked when there was no reason for it. Just like Joseph being sent to Egypt, G_d knew exactly what was going to happen and so he prepared His servant by giving the words the individual needed at the time (12-15). Job is still not told why he was attacked or when it would end. Job had no power over the world but he did have power over himself and the words that came out of his mouth (39-41, Ephesians 4:29-31).

Psalms 23 – The Psalmist’s Shepherd. David acknowledged that the praise of his life was the LORD G_d, not king David. When storms came his way, David understood the importance of always keeping his eyes on the LORD and never letting go. When David was worn out and life was just beating him, he knew to keep his eyes on the Lord (1-3). Nothing would stop the king from serving the LORD because he had been through too much to give up and run (4-6).

Proverbs 9 – Wisdom’s Invitation. In Wisdom’s home, we will find everything we need for life, marriage, business, school, and spiritual growth (1-5, John 14:2-4). Just like we cannot listen to Folly and Wisdom equally, so we cannot live righteous and unrighteous depending on the circumstance or our desired outcome (6). Wisdom is a Master and so is Folly so there is no feasible way to appease both or at least none has been found so far although people have tried and failed (Matthew 6:24-34). Under Wisdom’s instruction, wise people grow wiser still, righteous people grow in understanding, and people learn about the righteous “fear of the Lord” (8-10, Proverbs 1:2-7).

Ezekiel 41 – The Inner Temple. The LORD was giving the Prophet specifics concerning rebuilding the temple. Just like Noah and Moses were given specifics about the Ark for the animals and the ark for the covenant, so the prophet was given the dimensions of the inside, the product to be used, and there was to be no shortcuts. G_d never stops to explain Himself not to the Prophet and not to the worker. The “Inner Temple” or “Holy of Holies” is the place where G_d dwells. When we build our lives upon the understanding that everything in our life must fit around the G_d of our life, not the reverse.


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