Daily Bible Readings 4/10/2021

Reading #1 – Genesis 43

Reading #2 – Psalms 25

Reading #3 – Proverbs 11

Reading #4 – Ezekiel 43

Reading #5 – Job 40



Genesis 43 – Return to Egypt. When the food ran out, Jacob/Israel’s hand was forced to send Rachel’s youngest son Benjamin with the brothers to go down to Egypt. Israel had no earthly idea that Joseph was still alive to say nothing of who was in Egypt. Sending Benjamin created angst for Israel because already two sons are no longer with them (Genesis 42:18-19). Judah the 4th son of Leah the older sister of Rachel the one Jacob loved, offered Jacob/Israel to hold his son as a guarantee should anything happen (8-9). So the boys go back down to Egypt to get more grain which meant about a 1000 mile journey through the sand to the southern border of Egypt (11-15). When Joseph saw Benjamin, he had to go and weep privately so as not to give away who he was (30-31). A feast is prepared for the boys with Joseph in attendance but at his own table. The boys were placed according to birth order or “oldest to youngest” and Benjamin received 5 times more food than his older brothers (32-34).

Job 40 – Job: What Can I Say? Job is on the witness stand and is given his day in court. Before the LORD G_d joining in on the conversation, Job was contending with his fellow men. In the eyes of his friends, Job is seen as a “sinner” and wost because he dared to question G_d about the pains he was suffering. After the LORD joined the conversation, all of Job’s talking points went out the window (3-5). Job had no power to contend with the wild ox (15-24) much less control the weather so, how was he going to go about question G_d’s judgment? Job had no power to understand mankind and his/her foolishness because he too was a human being if he did, G_d would have willingly praised him (10-14, Acts 10:25-29).  

Psalms 25 – Prayer for Protection, Guidance, and Pardon. The Psalmist David the King of Israel was the headship of the nation. David’s headship was the LORD G_D. David commanded obedience from his kingdom because he worshipped the LORD in “steadfast obedience” (1-2). If we do not worship the LORD through obedience and faithfulness, He will not impart his guidance because He knows we’ll hear it but not receive it and for that reason, they get to hear a parable but not make heads nor tails of it (). When we serve the LORD and listen to Him and act on His words, He opens the path through the storms of trouble and the sea of trials to the place He would have for us (5-7, Isaiah 43:1-3). When we have committed our ways to the LORD, the errors of our past and the mistakes of our present no longer need to hold us bound to where we are that is part of the reason for the Exodus from Egypt (6-8). Humility is the key that opens Heaven’s doors in our life (10-12, Proverbs 22:4). When we have checked our heart to see if there is anything offensive to G_d and we can find nothing, we can ask for His presence in our life by the presence of His Holy Spirit (20-22, Psalms 139:23-24).

Proverbs 11 – The Upright and the Wicked. There are and always been a representative of both sides of the coin. We have always seen how wicked people destroy a nation and family as easily as a hot knife through butter but we have also seen the righteous man/woman of G_d who has uplifted a people and restored confidence in the LORD so we have no excuse (1-3). Serving the LORD does not change the circumstances but, it changes the attitude or outward view of our life and imbues hope into a dying world not by “charisma” nor “smooth talk” but through our actions and honoring our LORD through everything (11).

Ezekiel 43 – Vision of the Glory of G_d Filling the Temple. Before the people returned, the Temple was to be built according to the specifications given through the Angel. The filling of the Temple by the Holy Spirit breathed life into the Temple like the vision of the dry bones being put together. The dry bones that became human were breathed life from the LORD G_d were, like the Temple, just a structure. Once the Holy Spirit was breathed in, those bones, just like the Temple, came alive and were now serviceable or dedicated (1-5, Ezekiel 37:1-10). Serving the LORD is not a smorgasbord because we either accept Him or reject Him (6-8). This Temple would be built on Mount Moriah or, “Mountain of the Winds” this would be the same place Abraham was sent to sacrifice his son and David had sacrificed to the LORD (10-12, Genesis 22:1-2, 2 Samuel 24:18-19). The altar of sacrifice was the place animals were sacrificed to atone for the sins of the people and were to be built according to the specifics provided (13-17). Until the sacrifices were completed according to the requirements, the LORD did not accept Israel back (22-27).

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