Daily Bible Readings 4/9/2021

Reading #1 – Genesis 42

Reading #2 – Psalms 24

Reading #3 – Proverbs 10

Reading #4 – Ezekiel 42

Reading #5 – Job 39



Genesis 42 – Joseph’s Brothers Sent to Egypt. Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to buy grain because it was the only place that had it. When the brothers arrived in Egypt, Joseph recognized them but, because of the makeup and clothes, they did not recognize him. When the boys bowed down to Joseph, the dream he had 13-14 years earlier now came into focus (Genesis 37:5-12). Joseph had been blessed abundantly so that all of the pain that he had incurred by his brothers, the Captain of the Guard, and the Captain’s wife had all been wiped out which was a reverse of the famine that was now occurring in the land (Genesis 41:38-46). When Joseph saw the brothers, he asked them “why are you here”? Obviously, the boys were there to buy grain for their families. When he heard about the birth of a younger brother, Benjamin, he wanted to see him but resort to a ruse to get Benjamin to Egypt. Simeon had to stay behind as a guarantor that their story was legitimate (18-25). When the boys stopped for the night, they found the money in the mouth of their sacks of grain which caused consternation and angst. So the boys arrived home which was about 5,280 miles or about six months of traveling. Because Simeon was not in their company, Israel asked them about it and the story they gave him caused more pain for him than the loss of Joseph (35-38).

Job 39 – G_d Speaks of Nature and its Beings. Interestingly, we have no power over animals and yet, they have lived on the earth for countless centuries in one form or another. Job had no answer as to how it was all possible yet, it was. Insects have no commander yet move in a cohesive union. Man is a spec in compared to the LORD G_d yet, He cares for their lives no matter how much mankind foolishly thinks they are so important (Psalms 8:4-8). Job meant everything to G_d and yet, Job was no one special in the eyes of other men or of the animals on the earth. When we are attacked, it is easy to think that “we are all alone in the battle” sort of like Elijah (1 Kings 19:13-14). Yet, as this discourse brings out if G_d can orchestrate the universe, then we should have no fear in the times of storms that we’ll be somehow forgotten (Matthew 10:24-31).

Psalms 24 – The King of Glory Entering Zion. Everything belongs to the LORD which includes animals and mankind (1). G_d built and designed this world so he knows what it takes to care for it, keep it in order, and how long it will take for healing. Being part of G_d’s kingdom and be a good steward must abide by His laws not man’s (3-6). The only King that is fitting to lead this world is the King of all Kings and the LORD of all LORDS. This King is perfectly suited to lead because he paid the ultimate price not for any crime of his own but for his friends (7-10, Revelations 19:11-16, Phillipians 2:4-7).

Proverbs 10 – Contrast the Righteous and the Wicked. How we live our lives is more important than where we find ourselves (3, Matthew 6:1-4). Obedience and faithfulness go hand-in-hand. Joseph was brought as a slave into Egypt and by the power of the LORD G_d the Pharaoh “The King of Egypt” to see Joseph as his father, counselor, and guide for all of Egypt (6, Genesis 45:8). Being called by G_d does make one a “righteous person” or, Jeroboam the son of Nebat would have been righteous instead, he turned away from the LORD because he feared losing something that didn’t belong to him in the first place and lost everything in the process (9, 1 King 11:37-39, 1 King 12:25-28). Being “righteous” is a daily and hourly choice to chose the right path, not the easy way, to always review the choices and mistakes we have made (14). David was a righteous king throughout his life except for the two major mistakes he made but those mistakes did not define him, they were stumbling blocks that became the cornerstone of his life or that part that made him stronger and more pliable for the Kingdom of G_d.

Ezekiel 42 – Chambers of the Temple. The Angel of the LORD is showing the Prophet Ezekiel the inside and inner workings of the Temple. To these places, the Priests would eat the sacred portion (13). The priests would have to change their clothes before exiting from the Sanctuary because their clothes were sanctified or, “set apart” for the LORD. What the angel was showing the prophet was not “something new” in fact, the commands date back to the time of Moses and the Levitical Law (14, Leviticus 16:23-24). Part of the healing process is taking out the things that caused the problems and reestablishing G_dly laws which must happen before the Spirit of the LORD will descend on the temple. You will notice one thing that should stand out and that is, “no time is given” so it could be as short as 40 days or as long as 400 years. G_d is not concerned about the quantity or the number of days, it comes down to how well we follow His leading or how carelessly we do what he has called us to do. The writer was given the specific layout of the Temple which included the type of wood to use, the type of rocks, and who was to do the work. It was up to the writer to be obedient.

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