Daily Psalm 4/17/2021

O my God, in You I [have unwavering] trust [and I rely on You with steadfast confidence], Do not let me be ashamed or my hope in You be disappointed; Do not let my enemies triumph over me. Indeed, none of those who [expectantly] wait for You will be ashamed; Those who turn away from what is right and deal treacherously without cause will be ashamed (humiliated, embarrassed) (Psalms 25:2-3).

Walking in obedience to the LORD does not mean that “we’ll never see trials or temptations”. It means, that no matter how bad things get, G_d will never abandon us. The  Devil will always use the situations that come against us to challenge our faith. If the Devil can get a foothold on our lives, he will continue to take little pieces away from us until we are not sure which way to turn or who to trust. G_d has absolute faith in us and never gives up on us until we turn our backs on Him. 


Help me and my readers today and every day to trust in you and never give up no matter how high the waters get. May your good Spirit be with us always until the end of our lives and then we are welcomed into your eternal kingdom. Thank you for Jesus the First Son of Righteousness and our elder brother. Be with my families, my law enforcement officers, EMTs, and politicians.


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