Daily Psalm 4/21/2021

Have You not rejected us, O God?
And will You not go out with our armies?
Give us help against the enemy,
For the help of man is worthless (ineffectual, without purpose).
Through G_d, we will have victory,
For He will trample down our enemies (Psalms 60:10-12).

One of the many great battles we will face is, “the battle over the flesh”. It is a lie of the Devil to believe that being a Christian means, “never struggling with the will” and, “bringing the flesh under control should be easy”. When people struggle with the flesh and lose, he/she will become despondent and think, “what’s the use? I’m just no good to the Kingdom of G_D!” The next thing that happens is that people walk away from fellowship and live in Moab (Ruth 1:1). There is victory in the LORD though if we can just hold on a little while longer. Victory does not come because of who we are, who we profess as LORD, and/or whose Kingdom we chose to be a part of; victory comes through obedience and faithfulness.


Help me to always be obedient to you in all that I do. Help to hold onto your hand until the day you guide me into your kingdom. Help me to test my ways and always turn to the LORD (Lamentations 3:40). Please be with my Police officers, my Politicians, my military members and their families, the people of MN, and my nation. Thank you for my family and families. 

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