Daily Bible Reading 4/27/2021

Reading #1 – Exodus 5

Reading #2 – Psalms 37

Reading #3 – Proverbs 23

Reading #4 – Daniel 7

Reading #5 – Romans 10



Exodus 5 – Israel’s Labor Increased. The problem, as I see it is, Moses was speaking for himself or so it appears. Moses was standing as a witness or as the “voice of G_d” (Exodus 4:16-17). So, when Moses and Aaron appeared before Pharaoh, the king refused to listen to a Hebrew commanding that Pharaoh let G_d’s people go. The command to let the nation take a three-day journey into the wilderness to worship the LORD was met with rejection because all that Pharaoh knew was that his slave force was going to leave Egypt and probably never return which meant that the project they were working on, building a storehouse in Ramses would not be finished. The command “do not give them the straw for making bricks, let them find it themselves” had a two-fold purpose; first, it would keep the workers too busy to listen to “myths”; Second, it made Moses the problem because the hard labor just became that much harder (4-14). Doubtless, this created a crisis for Moses after all, the people he was sent to free turned on him and Moses became fearful that this “LORD” had omitted some key information. Of course, this led to “finger-pointing”, the people blamed Moses, Moses blamed the LORD but Pharaoh won that round (15-22).

Psalms 37 – Security of Those Who Trust in the Lord, and Insecurity of the Wicked. When we are given a message, like Moses, the underlying word will always be, “Trust me”. When we hear the message, the Devil will be the first one on-site to chide us, shake his head at us, and make us think “G_d is wrong”. Moses had heard from the LORD “Tell Pharaoh, Let my people go”! Because Pharaoh didn’t quake in his shoes but chose instead to punish the people for listening to that fool Moses and his brother Aaron. Despite this, G_d’s message to Moses was still, “don’t be afraid of that indolent little man Pharaoh but put your trust in the LORD” (1-6). Trusting in the Lord” is not the same as “being stubborn”, it is turning our hearts not our heads to the LORD and trusting in Him even when you cannot see his hand moving (7). The Devil will use times like these to get people angry because anger will get people to do the wrong things at the wrong time and make mistakes in judgment (8). Funny enough, though, sometimes if we just wait one more day, hour, or minute, G_d will come through. Not waiting until G_d comes though is the sad story of the ages (23-24). In scripture, we have many stories of men and women who boldly trusted in the LORD and hung on to his hand when they had no reason to (25-27, Daniel 12:12).

Proverbs 23 – On Life and Conduct. The Devil plays with mankind for his entertainment. One of his favorite games is probably Poker because the “mark” foolishly plays with a stacked deck. Christians are not immune to his lures and to date, nobody has effectively outwitted him by their intelligence. The king was talking to the Crown Prince the next person to ascend the throne; This man could either make or break the kingdom depending on whose wisdom he employed. The history of mankind has provided many examples of men/women who have started off with high ideals, plans for their families and themselves only to lose everything because of foolishness. The wisdom of the LORD G_d is simple, sound, and it is proven to be correct based on the outcome of the Devil’s game of Poker (17-21).

Daniel 7 – Vision of the Four Beasts. In the 1st of 10 years Belshazzar the Co-Regent to his father Nabonidus, Daniel had a vision of the four-headed monster in the middle of the seas. The “seas” represent the commotion in the world (1-2). The four great beasts represented the succession of the kingdoms Babylon, Medio-Persia, Greeks, and Romans and the nations that would come from the king with the 10 horns – Rome (3-8). By the time of Belshazzar, “Babylon the Great” became “Babylon the corrupt” Except for the name “Babylon”, The kingdom that was forged by Nebuchadnezzar did not look anything like it did in the time of Belshazzar. The downfall of Babylon came from not listening to the wisdom of the teacher. Revolution, as bad as it can be, also frees those who were enslaved. It is my personal opinion and backed up by scripture and history that the whole purpose of Daniel 7 – 12 as well as Revelations was to encourage the people to “hang in there”, be part of the solution, and not part of the problem. The Ancient of Day is the Messianic King Jesus “The Lion from the Tribe of Judah” (9, Revelations 5:4-5). When a kingdom is conquered, the books are opened and the old king is brought to trial for his/her actions. Remember, the LORD our G_d knows everything about us that is, “The good, the bad, and the Boy OH Boy” (Mike Krier). Co-Regent Belshazzar had boasted about the “mighty Babylon” by toasting to the “G_ds of silver and gold” (11). Historical note: Nabonidus was captured by the King of Persia (Cyrus) and was imprisoned for 10 years. During that period, Belshazzar reigned. The last kingdom or the “incorruptible kingdom” (13-14, Revelations 21:1-4) would change the course of the world. Worldly kingdoms, just like worldly wealth, has nor ever will endure through all time (Mike Krier).

Romans 10 – The Word of Faith Brings Salvation. The Sanhedrin of old lived according to the law; while this is not wrong, the part about the law is that has, is, and always can be applied unequally or by escaping through loopholes. For example, the law says to do 55 MPH. When the Police are not present and unless there are speed cameras present, the people do anywhere between 65 – 75 MPH and do not get stopped. The Priestly law talks about cleanliness but the part that is not clean is the heart; it is why Jesus called them “whitewashed Tombs” (Matthew 23:27-28). The two great commandments of the Incorruptible Kingdom refer to our relationship with the LORD and with His people. Believing in Jesus for our salvation from the corruptible means that we no longer live according to the ways of the world (1-4). The one who practices the law must keep apprised of the changes in the law, changes in cultural norms, and changes in Spiritual beliefs or what I will call the “Merry-go-round” or “The Devil’s playground”. Faith in G_d, on the other hand, says, “I believe in Him, therefore, I will do that which pleases Him. I will do what pleases G_d in the presence of the world and the body of Christ (5-9). What we do all of the time, is what we will do in the critical moments (Mike Krier); so, our relationship with the LORD is and will always be predicated on doing what pleases Him. Serving the Lord Jesus is not a “USA belief”, it is available for “whosoever”. In G_d’s Kingdom, there is no difference between the Greek, the Israeli, American, UK, white, black, Asian, and/or European (10-13). If we are corrupted, He will not call on us. If we do not respond to His call, lives that would otherwise be touched by the Lord may or may not be reached. When we are disobedient, G_d will find someone else that we would never consider “worthy to bear the name” and it will purposely make us jealous (19-21).

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