Daily Bible Readings 5/1/2021

Reading #1 – Exodus 8

Reading #2 – Psalms 40

Reading #3 – Proverbs 26

Reading #4 – Daniel 10

Reading #5 – Romans 13



Exodus 8 – Frogs over the Land. Pharaoh is given the ultimatum “let my people go or I will send frogs all over the land” (1). Aaron was told to stretch Moses’ staff over the river and frogs came out of the Nile River which was their drinking water source. The soothsayers and magicians were able to replicate the miracle but, they could not remove the frogs (5-7). When the Egyptians were up to their eyeballs in frogs, Pharaoh repented and asked Moses to get rid of the frogs. When Moses cried out to the Lord, the frogs died everywhere so the people piled them up and the land stunk. Once the frogs were dealt with, Pharaoh once again hardened his heart (12-15). The next plague to hit Egypt was the gnats and insects that bit people leaving sores and on animals. The soothsayers and magicians tried to replicate the plague but could not. During this plague, a distinction or dividing line was set between Goshen and Egypt. Everyone and in every house in Egypt was inflicted by these blood-sucking pests which ruined Egypt (20-24). Pharaoh offered to let the people sacrifice to their G_d in Egypt but Moses reminded Pharaoh that the sacrificing of animals was repulsive to the Egyptians so the nation would have to leave Egypt. Once again, Pharaoh’s heart was hardened after the insects were no longer a problem and he did not let the people go free (25-29,30-32).

Psalms 40 – G_d Sustains His Servant. There is one person who is completely patient with us, completely understands what we are going through and, completely loves us and that is the Lord G_d. No matter what we go through, even if it is the pits of hell, the Lord will never abandon us. When we grasp this and embrace it, a new song wells up in our hearts, and only then will we fully trust him (1-3). David saw how G_d delivered him no matter how bad the situation looked in David’s eyes. David knew what it was like to walk with the shout of the Lord and the bearing of a Prince equally, he knew what it was like to be empty and broken because of sin. When David repented, the Lord forgave him because David knew what true repentance was (5-6). In our lives, we are called to live “unto the Lord” and this requires not only “knowing about the Lord” but that he reigns in our life always (16).

Proverbs 26 – Similitudes and Instructions. Unfortunately, people like the Pharaoh in every place mankind has set his/her foot. When the word of the Lord is preached, the ears go deaf and they are not willing to learn and change their ways (3). The problem is that the consequences for not listening affect everyone who surrounds the person in varying degrees and does not always happen immediately as in the case of Pharaoh (Exodus 8:20-24).

Daniel 10 – Daniel Terrified by a Vision. In the 3rd year of Cyrus king of Persia’s reign which would impact the nation (1). Daniel was shown not only what the next four centuries would be like for Israel but the battle that would rage until the time of the Messiah. Remember, 65 years earlier Israel was an autonomous nation because they set their laws and the king enforced them. The problem was that he did not understand what he saw and was like a movie without words. Two warring angels, Michael and Gabriel, appeared before Daniel to reveal the meaning of the dream. First Gabriel touched Daniel and helped him to get the strength to stand (10-12). Michael, the Commander of the Lord’s Armies, revealed the meaning to Daniel; the reason Michael couldn’t reveal the meaning 21 days earlier is that he was fighting the Prince of Persia (13-14). Daniel was speechless in the presence of Michael and Gabriel because of the size, their garments, and power of their presence (15-17). Gabriel put his hand on Daniel like a friend and encouraged Daniel both that he was loved and to not be afraid (18-19). Michael is Israel’s Guardian Angel (21).

Romans 13 – Be Subject to Government. As subjects of the Kingdom of G_d, we are commanded to respect the ruling government in this world whether we like it or not. The government is set by the Lord in response to our moral direction so, when we are morally corrupt, our government will also be
“morally corrupt” and it will increase (1-2). When we are disobedient to the rule of law, the same government that benefits the nation will also show its power and authority (3-7). We owe it to ourselves and our families to live peacefully, help those around us, and do not willfully commit sin (8-10). For everything, there is an end or a time that sinful behavior is leading to and we are not to lay hands on the situation but to seek the Lord and serve the people around us with the Love of the Lord (11-14).


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