Notes from part 3 of Dr. Rex Allen’s Teaching

An Unstoppable Future in Christ Jesus.

Anything good comes from the Lord (James 1:17). To claim your unstoppable future, anointing, speak to the promises in Christ, you must first accept him into your life. If you don’t invite Jesus into your life, you won’t receive the blessings unless you repent and ask for forgiveness. His will must dominate your life. Christ cannot do anything through you until he has done something in you and owns you. You didn’t sign a contract when you come to Christ. The contract you work for him, he doesn’t work for you. He is there when you fall, hold you in his arms when you are hurting, broken, and have needs. For anything to work for you, his blood must flow through your life. We are called to be “co-laborers” in all things, he must be in control (1 Cor 3:9). The exact same promises, destinies, and direction spoken through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are spoken to us. The more the people grow in the Lord, the more they grow in faith and strengthened through the storms. G_d is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). The trick is that you must live your life in such a way as to please the Lord. By seeking his will, His promises gravitate towards us and the G_d, and you will see the G_d of the “Suddenlies”  (James 4:7-8).

 Before you were ever a physical breathing entity, you were thought and direction in the eyes of G_d (Jeremiah 1:5). We are a full product after being done in the Spiritual realm. This will be the generation that sees the coming of the Lord? We have the ability to no other generation has had and that is to be able to reach the loss. If you are struggling within your spirit with who you are, what you are doing in Christ Jesus. Isaiah 45:11 – sons and daughters of G_d. G_d never gets the glory for anything unless it was foretold or prophesied. “I want my people to live under a covenant blessing, a covenant of healing, and a covenant of wholeness” (Matthew 11:28). There is no place Jesus cannot get to heal you if you draw close to him instead of running away (Amos 3:3). You will live an unfulfilled life if you do not release the things that bind you and seek the Lord with all of your heart (). Through the triad, a connection is made and He answers the call. If He calls and you do not answer Him, you will miss it and not know the extent of it (Revelations 3:20-21, John 4:9-14). When we have a conversation with the Lord, it is almost always about a need in our life that supersedes physical needs. Personal add to that note: when we begin praying about the physical need, hurt, or pain in our life, it will be a springboard into the spiritual need. For example, if I am praying about the mean individual who is threatening my life, Jesus will turn that around so the prayer will be effective consider the case of Paul in light of the events that occurred at Stephen’s kangaroo court (Acts 8).

We treat the Lord like he is a vending machine that spits out the requested item after the coins have been rendered. A vending machine does not care how much you purchase from the machine and nor does it care how much weight is gained. For example, buying a diet coke after eating three fruit pies, Unfortunately, is only an illusion and a trap to get people to walk away from the Lord. If you are where you need to be in Jesus, then you should not be thirsting for the things of this life. Matthew 5:6 – Blessed are those whose hunger and thirst shall be filled. The word thirst means “people who want righteousness in their life will be filled”.

The unmet physical needs almost always are at the root of the things we do. It is the nature of our carnality to feel needed, cared for, physical needs met. When you pervert those needs, you have brought a great curse upon your life. It is sin that addresses the needs and desires of our hearts from a perverted standpoint. When sin takes over, you lose control and that is by design (Matthew 6:24). The flesh must be crucified and it must be given to Jesus Christ (Galatians 5:24, Romans 8:13-14). The more you give to Jesus the more you will want to live for him and the things of this world will hold no control over you. To thirst after righteousness means, you desire to live for Him and is will. Our spiritual condition will always be reflected in our physical actions. The worst the spiritual and the most tragic your life will be.  Personal note: The G_d of the Universe will never lay out the plan of our life in its entirety so when we walk away from the Lord, we forfeit the blessings that would have been ours if we had kept the faith. The struggles we face indeed have a purpose and if we can just hold on one more day, one more hour, and not lose faith in our Lord, He will light the way for us. In Paul’s closing letter to Pastor Timothy, Paul has spoken fervently, wholeheartedly about the struggles he was facing not to boast about his prowess for dealing with pain but to remind them that the same G_d who called them will be the same G_d who hold them (2 Timothy 4:6-8).

My prayer for encouragement


May your grace surround my brothers and sisters especially Rex, Ron, and many others who are enduring severe medical issues. I know that we are not immune from medical issues nor having our work ripped up but, if we can just hold on for one more day, one more hour, and one more minute, we will see G_d’s plan unfold for our life’s mission. You have amazing plans for our lives and you give us all that we need so that we can effectively and efficiently minister to others. Thank you for everything that you do in our life.



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