The Tabernacle was 100 cubits long and 50 large, and the same dimensions, 50 x 100, had the courtyards in front of it, for a total of 200 x 50 cubits. The heights: 10 cubits the Tabernacle, 5 the curtains surrounding the courtyards. The indications given by Bible do not allow doubts on this point and the all structure appears to be perfectly proportioned with these measures. 


While I agree with scripture, it is conceivable that the size and dimensions of the temple as listed in Exodus may not have been the size depicted. I went looking for archaeological evidence of the wilderness temple and the only thing I found was evidence of the temple at Shiloh which is where Joshua pitched the tent because he was the leader of the nation and by proxy was given the honor of pitching the “one place” in his hometown.


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