Daily Psalm 7/1/2021

O LORD, You have [at last] shown favor to Your land [of Canaan];
You have restored [from Babylon] the captives of Jacob (Israel).
You have forgiven the wickedness of Your people;
You have covered all their sin. Selah.
You have withdrawn all Your wrath,
You have turned away from Your burning anger.
Restore us, O God of our salvation,
And cause Your indignation toward us to cease (Psalm 85:1-4).

During Israel’s tenure in Babylon beyond the Euphrates, the land enjoyed the first Sabbath rest in which the land was healed and restored (2 Chronicles 36:21) and this was the easiest part of the whole process. G_d’s plan was for Israel to return to her homeland but not everybody who went into exile returned from it and the land didn’t look like it had the day they left Jerusalem. In the same way, when we go astray what we took for granted is taken away from us and we are given time to consider what is important and what is not.  The people returning had to rebuild the broken walls of the city and rebuild the temple all of which took time. When we sin and are removed from our place, whether it be ministry or our home, what we return to will not resemble what we left. Part of rebuilding our lives requires repenting of the behaviors that caused us to be separated and taking active strides to do what is right.


When we sin, everything we possess can and will be taken away from us. Unfortunately, repenting from our sinful behaviors does not mean that “everything will return to the way it was” nor, will we necessarily receive back the things we lost or had given away. Repenting means, “I am sorry and  I will change course 180 degrees whatever else happens is in Your hands. I will wait on you.” Please be with my families, military, law enforcement officers, EMT staff, teachers, ministers, my city of Stacy, State of MN, and my nation.



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