Daily Psalm 7/6/2021

His foundation is on the holy mountain.
The LORD loves the gates of Zion
More than all the dwellings of Jacob (Israel).
Glorious things are spoken of you,
O city of God [Jerusalem]. Selah.
“I will mention Rahab (Egypt) and Babylon among those who know Me—
Behold, Philistia, and Tyre with Ethiopia (Cush)—
‘This one was born there.'”
But of Zion, it will be said, “This one and that one were born in her,”
And the Most High Himself will establish her.
The LORD will count, when He registers the peoples,
“This one was born there.” Selah.
The singers, as well as the players of flutes, will say,
“All my springs and sources of joy are in you [Jerusalem, city of God] (Psalms 87). 

G_d’s greatest desire and plan for our life is that we live free from bondage to sin. Because it is G_d’s desire, He provided a pathway through His son Jesus the Messiah. Just because many have started the journey to the Kingdom but turned back around does not mean that G_d’s plan is ineffective. the problem is, many have built up their kingdoms and, like the 2.5 tribes that wanted to stay on the opposite side of G_d’s blessing, have become comfortable and believed “this is G_d’s very best” when it is simply a marginal existence.


Thank you for a new day in your presence.  Help me not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed into what you would have me to be (Romans 12:2). You did not give me the power to change the world nor to dictate morality, you gave me the power and authority to live for you so that the world would want to know the truth. I pray for my families, military communities, law enforcement officers, EMT staff, teachers, preachers, City of Stacy, State of MN, and my USA.

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