Daily Bible Reading 7/25/2021

Reading #1 – Leviticus 19

Reading #2 – Psalms 89:26-52

Reading #3 – Proverbs 29

Reading #4 – Zechariah 1

Reading #5 – Colossians 2



Leviticus 19 – Idolatry Forbidden. The Lord was setting the stage for people to enter His land. For an untold number of years, nations possessed the land and had polluted it by doing the things that displeased the landowner. For this reason, I believe, Lord G_d is outlining the law for the people He chose. The main requirement He wants from His people is that they be holy to the Lord (2). But how does one become “Holy to the Lord”? The answer is, by honoring Him by the choices we make. By honoring His sabbath, we set aside the day for resting so that we will be better equipped to deal with the struggles in the days that follow (3). The people were told, “do not make an idol to resemble things above or below” (4, Exodus 20:4-6). Sacrificing “peace offerings” is to tear down the walls that separated us from G_d. If our desire is to have “peace with G_d”, we must do that which pleases Him (5-8). Pleasing G_d goes beyond just the personal things we do like keeping the sabbath and offering peace offerings. Pleasing Him showing respect for other people by meeting their needs, being honest in our dealings, and always living the life in G_d that we so proudly proclaim (35-37).

Psalms 89:26-52. The Messianic King. King David was a man greatly respected by the nation and the nations surrounding Israel. It was G_d’s desire that David’s line endures for all time (26-29). The thing is, David’s children, including Solomon, looked like David but did not have the same heart for the Lord; this would be problematic because, as hard as they tried, Solomon and his children after him would lead the nation into sin (30-32). Of course, not every king in the Davidic line was evil and some of them went on to do great things for the Lord and the nation (33-37). When G_d promises us anything, the caveat is always “you must be obedient to what He asks of us” and this is where the promises either come to fruition or fall apart (38-45). The point I want to get across to you is that G_d will wait as long as it takes to get His point across to us even if it means that we live in bondage and everything is taken from us until we open our spiritual eyes and ears (46-52).

Proverbs 29 – Warnings and Instructions. The problem with disobedience and obedience is that the fruit does not come automatically or by proxy. The kings of old were warned repeatedly about their actions but they disregarded the warnings and because of it, the nation endured a 70-year exile that bled over into the 1st century (1, 4).

Zechariah 1 – A Call to Repentance. Repentance sets the stage for a move of G_d across our life (Mike Krier). The nation was called to a time of repentance which means to change their ways (1-3). The actions of their forefathers set the stage for the exile that would decimate the nation. The enduring part of this story is that no matter what man does, His word remains as a silent witness that testifies about the G_d of the Universe (4-6). The horsemen who patrol the earth, I believe, set the stage for G_d’s plan to come to fruition. The prophet Zechariah was in the place where he needed to be and that is, “in prayer and repentance”. The horsemen were sent throughout the earth to testify about the condition of the earth (7-11, Daniel 9). The Angel of the Lord, most likely Michael, stood ready to command the armies of the Lord but would not move until the Lord gave the command (12-17, Revelations 6:9-11, Psalms 79:5-8). At the time of this writing, the earth was at peace and the king in control, Darius, was unaware of the storms that were brewing that would unseat the king and set the stage for Alexander the Great’s conquest of Babylon in 331 BC (18-21).

Colossians 2 – You are Built Up in Christ. Paul’s encouragement to the church at Colossia was to “put great value on your salvation and never forget what Jesus had done”. Putting “great value” on your salvation should compel you to study G_d’s word so that you can refute false teachings so that you can grow up in him (2-4, 1 Timothy 6:3-5). Usually, when the Pastor is away, bad things happen but this church greatly valued their salvation and showed it by being obedient without having to be told to do. In the 1st century, just as it is now, there were several schools of thought most of which stemmed from the Greek Philosophers Plato, Pericles, and Aristotle as well as rehashed Judaism which could lead people astray from the truth by words that seemed similar to Paul’s teachings (5-9, 16-19, Acts 17:22-23). The church’s commitment to “Holiness to the Lord” stemmed from a broken life destroyed by sin; The people were reminded of this to because, should they forget where they came from, they might turn back thinking “this is something new” when it simply sins in a different color (10-15). Each member of the church at Colossia as well as the present-day church had/has a sorted background that stands in contrast to the life we lead in Christ. The Devil uses our background to heckle, confuse, and confound us so that we rely on watered-down theology to appease people so that they do not think bad of us (20-23).

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