Daily Bible Readings 8/11/2021

Reading #1 – Numbers 4:1-20

Reading #2 – Psalms 102:1-14

Reading #3 – Job 2

Reading #4 – Zechariah 14

Reading #5 – 1 Timothy 3



Numbers 4:1-20 – Duties of the Kohathites. Kohath was the 2nd son of Levi and Moses and Aaron’s GrandFather. This priestly tribe was responsible for carrying the holy things. The age of the ministers is between 30 and 50 (2-3). Getting the tabernacle from one area to another requires skillful leadership. If mankind was left to determine who was responsible for each task, people would be fighting over the plum positions. So you get some idea of G_d’s organizational skills when you read this account. In His eyes, everyone has an assigned mission and all of the jobs require the players to complete their mission (14-15). The Aaronic tribe was responsible for properly stowing the holy things so that no one, other than the tribe of Aaron, could see what was behind the veil so that no one died unnecessarily (18-20). The materials that were required for stowage were available in the area where the people were living. Aaron’s son Eleazar was responsible for stowing the oil for the light, and the incense (16).

Psalms 102:1-14 – Prayer of an Afflicted Man for Mercy on Himself and on Zion. The man who wrote this Psalm was going through a tragic situation but we don’t know what it is. In our times of suffering, we can go before the Father just like the writer did. Suffering is an intolerable situation because it takes us to a point of utter frustration, pain, and angst (4-7). Trusting in G_d is a tricky thing because it compels us to hold on when the world says, “let go” So when we trust in Him we turn away from the world’s compelling words and things don’t turn out as expected, we get ridiculed and we must be prepared for it (8-10). When we feel like we are all alone in the battle, we need to remind ourselves that G_d is from all eternity and we can see through the eyes of Biblical heroes how He never forgot them (12-13).

Job 2 – Job Loses His Health. So Job passes the first and probably the easiest test and that is, “the stuff”. The next test was the most diabolical and that is one thing you cannot replace “your dignity”. To make matters worse, Job’s wife and three unreliable friends were sent in to further dig in the knife (4-9). Mrs. Job fully expected her husband to acquiesce to her demand and he could have in the name of “peace in the home” instead, he chose to honor G_d (10). His friends had come to encourage Job and this was noble of them but it was also costly (11-13).

Zechariah 14 – G_d Will Battle Jerusalem’s Foes. Jerusalem was at a critical juncture in which they dealt with part truth and part lie because the Prophets promised: “good things to come”. When Josiah was killed in battle, the nation descended into chaos. In the same way, the church today is at the same critical juncture where we have part truth and part lie deciding the course; So, it is not surprising to see factions within once tight-knit communities. The good news is that no matter how dire the situation, G_d has it all under control (1-3). When Jesus died on the cross, there was an earthquake that moved the land north to south. After the earthquake, holy people rose from the dead (4-9, Matthew 27:50-53). The Babylonian conquest would change the landscape considerably because the powerhouses: Syria and Assyria would meld into the Babylonian kingdom (10-11). While “peace in Jerusalem” was a great thing, it would not come about without the battle that would envelop the world at that time (12-15). For the “rain of G_d’s blessing” the world would have to come to the feast of Tabernacles or “Feast of Booths” which occurred the day Jesus died on the cross  (16-19). Jesus’ death forever paved the way for the world to come into the Kingdom of G_d; whatever we did to cause the problems of our life the blood guilt of our sin would be forgiven and a new path would be paved for our lives to be restored. While trouble is never good when we overcome people will come to the Lord based on our testimony (20-21).

1 Timothy 3 – Overseers and Deacons. These people must set an example for the church of what is good and pleasing to the Lord (2-3). This person must be able to take care of their home that is, keeping finances, raise their child(ren) in the admonition of the Lord, and care for his/her spouse (4-5). These individuals must be fully established in the faith that is, to have a “solid foundation in Jesus” (6); while this may sound like Paul encourages “cliques”, the truth is that, as the church will find out past the time of Paul, Nicholas Procantor would teach his followers (Nicolaitans) to compromise piece and parts of the doctrine (Revelations 2:6). These people’s character must be above reproach in and out of the view of the church which, includes their home life (8-13).

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