Daily Bible Readings 8/17/2021

Reading #1 – Numbers 7

Reading #2 – Psalms 104:21-34

Reading #3 – Job 6

Reading #4 – Malachi 4

Reading #5 – 2 Timothy 1



Numbers 7 – Offerings of the Leaders. The leaders freely brought gifts for the tabernacle and the priests. For eight days, the leaders brought their gifts which were weighed on the scales which were balanced with shekels. Because the leaders got behind the project, the people would willingly give to it as well.

Psalms 104:21-35 – The Lord’s Care over All His Works. If we could number all of the good things the Lord has provided, we’d be overwhelmed. The animals do not require mankind to meet their needs nor to set the pattern for their life (21-22). Under G_d’s leadership, the world has existed for millions of years. When mankind rose his/her fist to the Lord He hides His face and the creation that was so brave becomes frightened (29). Mankind may think he/she rules his/her world the Lord shows them through physical proof how limited their strength is because when the world shakes, He holds it together (31-32). When I consider the works of the Lord, I am deeply humbled and my prayer is that my heart will always be a fertile ground for His works (33-35).

Job 6 – Job’s Friends Are No Help. Imagine having lost everything including the crown of your health. Add to the problem, three self-appointed counselors have come to help. While Eliphaz meant well and had put a lot of thought into his argument; the problem is, he was arguing from a misconception of who G_d is and who He is not. Before judging either man, the reader needs to consider the vantage point where we sit. When we are in the pit, all we can see is the darkness that surrounds us (3-4, 11-13). When we see people going through the pits of despair, it is easy to assign guilt. Wishing that G_d would crush him was a typical human response and should be overlooked (8-10).

Malachi 4 – The Final Admonition. As I said before, Malachi is the final Prophet before the 400 years of silence from Heaven (1). The nation was being crushed by the hands of the Babylonians and the Greeks. The nation Israel was not totally wicked because there were people, like Malachi, who had not bowed their knees to the Devil (2-3). During the years to come, the people were admonished to remember the law of Moses and never violate it (4). The coming Messiah, King Jesus, would shake the 1st century to its core; repentance and reconciliation would be the core tenants to healing (5-6).

2 Timothy 1 – Timothy Charged to Guard His Trust. Young Pastor Timothy was being mentored by Paul. Timothy had to be going through tremendous storms but we don’t hear about them all we are privy to is Paul’s instructions. Paul was not placating Timothy because Paul had actually gone through the same storms that Timothy was now facing so, he was singularly qualified to minister to Timothy (10-12). Having hands laid on him at the time of his ordination was the easiest part of Timothy’s ministry. The road from ordination to the pathway of righteousness would not be easy and would be the groundwork by which Timothy would grow in faith (5-7,13-14). Being abandoned in our hour of need is a common issue but for every Phygelus and Hermogenes, there is a Timothy and a Titus (15-18).

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