Daily Bible Reading 8/27/2021

Reading #1 – Numbers 12

Reading #2 – Psalms 107:16-32

Reading #3 – Job 12:13-25

Reading #4 – Matthew 6:25-34

Reading #5 – Philemon 1



Numbers 12 – The Murmuring of Miriam and Aaron. Moses had married a Cushite or Ethiopian who were known for having black skin which was unlike Moses (Inter-racial marriage). In Mirriam and Aaron’s eyes, this was despicable after all, “this is an inter-racial marriage (1-3). An argument could be made that these two believed that if Moses was really a Prophet, he would have been more selective in choosing a wife. In G_d’s eyes, there is no such thing as “skin color” so, there is no problem with interracial marriages; why this is any different than the Lord’s command to not inter-marry with the nations in Canaan would rear its ugly in the form of idol worship. Moses didn’t do this to snub anybody much less his family. So when the Lord called the trio to the Tent of Meeting to have a “come to Jesus meeting”, if you will, it was to remind Mirriam and Aaron who was called by G_d to be the Prophet and to warn them to becare what they say about or to the Lord’s anointed (4-8). When the Lord spit in Mirriam’s face, it was an insult and she ended up with a form of leprosy; so, she was outcast for seven days or until leprosy had abated which could have been seven days, seven weeks, seven months, or years (9-15).

Psalms 107:16-31 – Mankind’s Strength. Mankind is known for his/her propensity to make a show of their superiority. The problem is, all of his/her best is no match for the Lord. For all of his/her inventions, the oldest enemy of mankind, fear, can weaken the strongest defense and tear it apart as simple as one would rip up a paper bag. When life is at its best, we say “G_d who” but let the storms of adversity threaten us and we become as weak as a newborn. Sin, unlike the Creator of the Universe, tells mankind “you are #1 so no storm will rock your boat” that is until we have denied the Lord G_d and then the rug is pulled out from underneath us (16-19). The earth belongs to the Lord G_d, only He knows what the earth needs and what it doesn’t need; He knows how much precipitation it requires when it needs it, and the correct season for it (Psalms 24:1-2). So, when mankind portrays himself/herself to be wise, He shows them that they are weak (24-27). It is funny that in all of the wars in mankind’s history the common denominator was always, “in our darkest hours, we called on the Lord and He rescued us not our Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or our best thought out policies (28-31).

Job 12:13-25 – Job Speaks of the Power of G_d. As I mentioned above, mankind has the inept ability to make himself/herself out to be the purveyor of knowledge, wisdom, and strength. Yet, let the earth fall apart and the best defenses are ripped to shreds, and where does mankind turn his/her attention to? The Lord G_d (13-16). In the Old Testament before the fall of Jerusalem in 586, Judah thought they were the best and brightest because of the promise to David, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but they persisted to do evil. After 5 plus years of siege, there wasn’t a drop of water or a scrap of food to be had; dysentery set in, women were eating their dead young, and the venerable Priests and the rich were reduced to shreds and were sent to Babylon naked, beaten, and starved (17-22). The Lord G_d doesn’t care about the stuff of our life, He cares about our soul. The Lord knows how to humble mankind and He does so without asking us “how we feel about it” (23-25).

Matthew 6 – The Cure for Anxiety. Anxiety is a common ailment among mankind and it stems from worrying about the things we have no control over (25). The cure for anxiety is “prayer” coupled with faith. Fear says, “look at the size of the problem”. Faith says, “Trust the Lord and cast your troubles on Him” (32-34).

Philemon 1 – Philemon’s Love and Faith. Onesimus, Philemon’s slave, ran away from his master and ran into Paul, Philemon’s friend. Onesimus should have kept on running and taken his chances he would not be found out. Paul could have cajoled Onesimus to tottle back home and take his lickings after all, “Onesimus was the one who caused the problem.” Paul could have written a scathing letter to Philemon demanding that he forgive Onesimus after all, “you are a Christian”. The thing is, Paul, understood that as Christians, we are not given the position of “High Judge, Jury, and Executioner”; Paul taught the young man about the Lord Jesus and prepared the young man to go home and face his master. Before leaving, Paul wrote this eloquent and humble letter to Philemon (4-9). In the last part of the letter, Paul appeals to Philemon’s judgment to release the young man and accept him as a brother in Christ Jesus (14-16). By offering to pay for any offense or debt owed by Onesimus, Paul is acting in the spirit of the Cross of Jesus or, “reconciliation with the debt paid and healing can begin” (17-21).

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