Daily Psalm 9/14/2021

Blessed are they that are perfect in the way,
Who walk in the law of Jehovah.
Blessed are they that keep his testimonies,
That seek him with the whole heart.
Yea, they do no unrighteousness;
They walk in his ways (Psalms 119:1-3 ASV).

Walking in the law of Jehovah is a personal choice. In the same way, when we listen to the argument for and against sin, we must choose between the two. Sin’s argument states that we are “free moral agents” so we are given the option to join in the fun or walk in the light of the Lord and this is true. What sin does not tell us is, “what the cost is”. Once we cave into sin, we are presented with the bill and we will pay for it whether we agree with it or not. When we chose to walk in the light of the Lord Jehovah, we can know with absolute assurance that the fruit will be life-giving. The thing is, we can not live in sin and yet walk in righteousness because they are anti-thesis to each other.


Thank you for your Word which lights the path I walk on. When walking in your truth becomes an automatic response or precedent, all of my choices will align with your Word. I have no power to change people’s minds by force but only by planting seeds that yield fruit in time. I pray for the military, law enforcement, and EMT communities that you will be with every one of them and bring them safely home. I pray over our politicians that you will shake them to their core with the message of the Ephod so that they fully understand who they serve. I pray for the city of Stacy, the state of Minnesota, and the USA may your Spirit fall fresh upon us. I thank you for healing our land by rain that refreshes the land and the storms that shake the heart of mankind. I pray that my words will always be an encouragement to all who read these words in Jesus’ name I pray.

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