Daily Bible Reading 10/19/2021

Reading #1 – Numbers 30

Reading #2 – Psalms 137

Reading #3 – Job 39

Reading #4 – Mark 5

Reading #5 – 1 John 2



Numbers 30 – Men and Vows. When a man or unmarried woman makes a vow to the Lord, they are bound by our word which is an unwritten promissory note (1-5). When a married woman makes a vow to the Lord, she can be released from her promise if the husband says something to her in the form of “No”; if the man says nothing, he is by proxy agreeing with it and is authorizing it so the woman will be held liable for it (6-11). In our present-day world, the term to keep in mind is “age of accountability”; at that age, the individual is held accountable for every vow they make whether it be to the Lord or to the community (12-15).

Psalms 139 – Search Me O G-d, and Know My Heart. This impassionate plea for G-d to search his heart should be a common theme for our life. When we ask G-d to accomplish this in our life, we must understand that there will be things that come out that we won’t like or will be a source of embarrassment. Yet from this encounter, we find the greatest peace as if a thorn were removed by the grace of G-d (1-6, 2 Corinthians 12:8-10). Because the Lord G-d knows everything about us, He is the source that we need in our life to overcome every obstacle and obstruction that blocks our path (7-12). If we do not acknowledge Him, every obstacle and obstruction will become worse and His gifts will become a trap whether we chose to act on them or not (13-16). It should be part of our daily prayer that G-d would search our thoughts before we speak them because once let out of our mouth, they become kindling for a fire (17-18, 23-24). We must understand that although the writer asked for it, the evil never left the world because, if it did, every man, woman, and child would have to leave the earth so, it is up to us to decide which path we will take (19-22).

Job 39 – Where Does Our Strength Come From? Elihu is being confronted by the Lord for his eloquent speech to Job and his friends. Elihu, as you may remember, was speaking on behalf of G-d something nobody should ever do. When confronted with questions about the habits of wild animals, he had no reply. G-d knows about the animals, the Devil, and mankind and loves each and every one. G-d made this planet so He knows what it takes to heal and restore it. We understand the difference between animals but we do not know why one ceases to exist and another takes its place. We can do everything right to preserve our world and still make mistakes in judgment.

Mark 5 – Jesus Heals a Man with a Demon. The demon-possessed man who lived in the Gerasenes had been a problem for the city for a lengthy period without resolution until Jesus arrived. Remember, the demons just like their master knew about Jesus and what his mission was. So, when the man spoke to Jesus it was from the voice of the demons (6-8). Because Jesus was G-d’s ambassador, he was given the authority he would need for his mission (9-13). The irony was that upon seeing the man healed, the people became afraid, although they had tried every possible tactic to contain the man, and asked Jesus to kindly leave. The man who was healed wanted to go with Jesus but was given a more empowering ministry to the people of Decapolis who were difficult to reach (1-5, 14-20).

1 John 2 – Christ Our Advocate. Sin is prevalent in our world just as it always has been and we can commit sin without even knowing it. Because of this, we have an advocate before G-d and his name is Jesus. If it is the desire of our heart to defeat sin in our life, it is incumbent on us to remember G-d’s laws. Remembering G-d’s laws is not just mere “recitation”, it is allowing the laws to infiltrate our lives so that they become the words that we speak, the actions we take, and the path we follow (1-6). TIf we want G-d’s best in our life, we need to be obedient to his laws and stipulations which have never changed nor will they ever change (7-14). The laws of this world change almost daily to suit the demands of the people and because of this, the laws are like a “tottering fence”. For this reason, we are admonished to not become entangled with the ways of the world as to lust after them (15-17). There will always be antichrists that spew ½ biblical words to contrive a following through popular laws. When we ask the Lord to teach us, we must be willing and obedient to follow through and not seek help from any other source. In our churches and online ministries, we need to be careful what we learn and always research the Word of the Lord (18-26).

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