Your Unstoppable Future Part 3

Rex Allen 9/26/2021

Goal Wakeup Call for the Church and Christians

Every one of us has at least one area that we need a breakthrough

We all need a breakthrough in our finances (Lesson 2).

If our tree is not fruitful, it needs to be. One of a few things is true, you are living off someone else’s tree, you are eating a poor substitute, or you have become so used to living on dried-up fruit that you do not know any other way of living. Where ever we are in life, G-d comes to you in the need of your struggle and that is where the G-d of the impossible becomes possible. For G-d to make things possible in our life, Jesus needs to be our all-in-all or “my everything.”

Point 1 – Need for a breakthrough. Every one of us has an Achilles heel or the one or more pieces of chain that the Devil jerks; for David and Solomon it was “women” for Paul it was an unknown thorn (2 Corinthians 12:6-7). No one is so spiritual, full of the Holy Spirit, that does not have at least one area where he/she struggles. If we say “I have no broken area”, I am deceiving myself (1 John 1:8). What the Devil calls “broken” is/are the area(s) where G-d does His greatest work.

The fruit of spiritual scarring will diminish our joy, laughter will cease to exist, and/or peace will be a lost commodity like the case of the Israelites after being exiled to Babylon (Jeremiah 7:34). Some people are where they are because of their decisions (David looking back on his failures) others are where they are because of someone else’s decisions; either way, sin is not justifiable in G-d’s eyes and it will not be blessed. When we are hurt by others and we are unable to get past the wound from the individual, it will continue to haunt us and torment us. G-d is my refuge and strength in my time of trouble (Psalms 46:1-2). G-d has never stopped loving us no matter what we have gone through, are going through, and/or will go through. G-d uses broken vessels even when the wounds are self-inflicted regardless of who inflicted them like the case of Gideon (Judges 6). Each of us will be in the place where we think our past is behind us only for it to blindside us when we least expect it like the case of David and Amnon (2 Samuel 13). The Devil uses these personal areas of pain to bring us down like the case of David and the unauthorized census (2 Samuel 24).

Point 2 – Tormenting spirits resurrect the painful emotions regardless of how close you are to the Lord; We are emotional creatures because G-d is an emotional being (Exodus 32:13-14); when we allow our emotions to control us, they will bury us. The Devil hits us at our weakest most emotional spot which is what happened in the closing days of David’s life. Until we are out of this sinful body, we are susceptible to following our emotions. Word of Hope: the times we are in the deepest pits of our life if we give the Lord a chance to deliver us (Galatians 2:20). If we do not deal with the broken areas of our life, they will come back in our dreams, thoughts, and repeated situations; don’t hide them, deal with them. Tormenting spirits will bring up our past failures and mistakes to mind and they will continue to do it until these things no longer elicit a response. When he does, we need to remind him that even though the scars remain, the bloodguilt is covered by the blood (James 4:7).

“Recycled Grief” – recycling the guilt, fear, anger, unforgiveness, and/or bitterness “The perpetual Treadmill”. Even though the sins of our life were dealt with at Calvary, until we confess them, repent of them, and take strides past the cross, those sins will continue to haunt us. So, either we break through the mess or it will be the gallows that we will hang from. For Judas, it was the 30 pieces of silver (Matthew 27:3-5) for Gehazi it was the clothes and silver Elijah refused (2 Kings 5:20-27). 

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