Daily Bible Readings 10/30/2021

Reading #1 – Deuteronomy 1:1-18

Reading #2 – Psalms 145

Reading #3 – Proverbs 5

Reading #4 – Mark 13

Reading #5 – Revelations 1



Deuteronomy 1:19-46 – Children Beware. One of the greatest fears that shook the nation and shake us yet to this day is “the unknown”. In this case, the unknown is the outcome of dealing with the giants. The nation had experienced war with the Sihon and Og, the exodus from Egypt, the defeat of Pharaoh and his armies, water from a rock, quail falling from the skies to eat, and yet were afraid the giants would squash them. 10 of the 12 spies exaggerated the size and dimensions of the giants and under-estimated the size of the fruit although the men brought back a bough of it (19-25). The thing is, the journey into the new land would have taken days not years but “faithlessness” compelled the itchy ear to listen to the loudest mouth the fear-monger called “Rumor”. Because FEAR spoke louder than faith, the people refused to go up (26-33). The Lord can defeat any enemy, meet every need, and/or heal any wound but the will of mankind is a force to be reconned with. It was for this reason that the children, who are now adults, got a ring-side seat watching their parents die in the wilderness.  After hearing the Lord’s Judgment, the people decided to give the Lord what He was after and so they armed up for warfare only to be defeated and chased back down the hill. When we are disobedient, the Lord will give our assignment to someone else. The Lord wants us to trust Him no matter what we see, hear, and/or feel (41-46).

Psalms 146 – Put Not Your Trust in Princes. What we can see with our eyes and hold in our hands is usually the thing we tend to trust the most. When it comes to the Lord, though, we have to trust with our hearts what our eyes and hands cannot hold (3-4). David had a vast army until he listened to the demon and forced his commander to hold a census. After the count, a plague broke out that destroyed thousands of people in Israel. The size of an army, the amount of weaponry we possess, and/or our standing in the community matter very little to the Lord. What He wants from us is for us to trust Him implicitly. When you read the scriptures, you will notice that the prophecies are measurable and obtainable and are never “pie in the sky theologies” (5-10). So Praise the Lord Children of G-d for our King reigns (1-2).

Proverbs 6:12-15 – Children Beware. When I think about the predicament our world is in, I see the Devil’s fingerprints and footprints across the landscape. The enemy of our soul hates everything about us. The thing is, he is clever, manipulative, deceptive, and fearless. He was powerless to take the throne of heaven so he attacks the heir, mankind with a force we cannot see, hear, and/or feel. The enemy gets us to believe our neighbor is our enemy and by breaks up marriages, families, communities, and nations without compunction. The Devil accomplishes this by using our imagination, lusts, fears, and misgivings against us (12-15).

Mark 14 – The Plot to Kill Jesus. When you read the account of Jesus’ last days, what you hear from the Sanhedrin is, “I’m jealous”! Jealousy, by its very nature, sets fire to the very thing that the jealous owner wants to possess with the notion “If I can’t have it, nobody can”. Judas had been stealing to fill a need in his life and was the impetus for accepting the bribe to turn Jesus over (3-11). The reason the Sanhedrin didn’t go out and capture Jesus themselves was first that they couldn’t find him and 2nd because the people would see the group for who they were.

Revelations 2 – Letter to the Seven Churches. This chapter and chapter 3 are famous pieces of scripture that are quoted and misquoted in many different ways. The church at Ephesus was a thriving church but there was a key ingredient missing, “they abandoned the love of the Lord at the expense of “religion” (2-7). You can do everything right but if you do not have love in your life, you will become stagnant. The church at Smyrna was on fire for the Lord but all that they had done in love would not stop the coming enemy but it would be the glue that would keep them together (8-11).  The church at Pergamum, like the church at Smyrna, was doing everything right except for the mold of “compromise” that had set in and was destroying the church from the inside out. The teachings of the Nicolaitans or, “compromise”, was creating conflicts within the church. When a church or organization has one headship, one theology, and/or one mission statement, it will grow and mature. The problem comes into play when one headship is at odds with another in the same organization. The church survived the onslaught of emperor Antipas, grew in numbers in the place where Satan dwelled, but these were all “outward attacks”. Inward attacks, like compromise, appear to be harmless and that’s where the problem grows (12-16). The church at Thyatira, like Ephesus, was on fire for the Lord but their kryptonite was this woman Jezebelle who was seducing men within the church as Balaam had suggested to Balak. Not everybody in the church had followed Jezebelle and are told “Hold fast to what you have been taught no matter what you see going on” (22-29).

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