Daily Bible Reading 10/31/2021

Reading #1 – Deuteronomy 2:1-25

Reading #2 – Psalms 147

Reading #3 – Proverbs 7

Reading #4 – Mark 16

Reading #5 – Revelations 3



Deuteronomy 2:1-25 – Wilderness Years. During their travels, the Lord pointed out parcels of property. These properties were given to people as an inheritance by the Lord. Mount Seir, which is a mountainous region and is located west of Palestine it is now called by its Arabic name Jibal Ash Serah, which was given to the relatives of Esau. When the people went through the land they were to pay for their food and water (4-8, ). The land of Moab had been given to Lot’s 1st daughter’s children who had built up the land and defeated the giants (9-10). The sons of Lot’s 2nd daughter were given a portion of land in Ammon. (19-22). At Gaza, the nation was told by the Lord “Rise up and begin to take your possession (23-25). By this time, the previous generation of fighting men had passed away which was the generation that rebelled against the Lord (16-18).

Psalms 147 – The Lord our Healer. Praising G-d amid destruction and trouble is very difficult because all we can see is pain and sorrow. When we lift up our nation, our circumstances, and/or problems, the Lord will heal in his time. When we praise the Lord, He inhabits the praises and empowers us to do His will (1-6). The Lord will work with those who fear him even if they a small in the eyes of the world. If we can but rise up with the strength we have, He will add to it by sending His Angels, and then we will be victorious (7-11).

Proverbs 7 – Which Path Will You Take? In our world today just as it was in all of the previous centuries, mankind is presented with the question, “Which Path Will You Take?”. The path we take will greatly determine our future. Like the young man, each of us is prompted by the desires of our hearts. When there are unmet needs in our life, we tend to gravitate towards “the need”. Often we overlook counsel because it doesn’t come directly from the LORD, it comes from the voice of experience. Once we choose a pathway, most often there is no way of undoing it and, some pathways lead us into hell (24-27). Where we struggle is in the area of “should I or shouldn’t I?”. With that question in mind, remember that the Lord never changes His mind (Malachi 3:6). So we need to listen to the still small voice that speaks to our soul and be obedient to it. If we listen to the ruckus of man’s counsel that promises “Great things for us if we join them” we will be led astray and it will come down to nasty consequences.

Mark 16 – The Resurrection – Three days had passed since the fateful day. Jesus was placed in a tomb as they had not had time to prepare his body for the grave. So, the women came on Monday morning to find the stone was rolled away something that took three grown men to put in place (1-5). So when the Angel appeared before the women, it startled them. The message given by the Angel was “Go tell the disciples that I will meet them in Galilee (6-8). In most versions of scripture, verses 9-20 are not initially included but were added later.

Revelations 3 – Letter to the Churches. How can a church appear to be alive but yet be dead? It would appear that the church was doing everything right but with the wrong heart. According to commentary, the church had all of the appearances of the community but they promise what they have no intention of fulfilling appearances that were mere props, and confidence in the G-d of the community (1-6, Zondervan). Just like all of the churches, there were people whose hearts had not been soiled by sin. The church at Philadelphia was an example of how the Lord can and will do great things with just a few people. In a way, the few people were like Joseph who was one man against the 11 sons of Israel. Joseph had a dream in which his brothers, mother, and Father would bow down before him. It was from this dream that Joseph found himself in Egypt as a slave in Pharaoh’s home. The church at Philadelphia was a stone’s throw from the synagog of Satan and many Jews attended this worship and would become a thorn in the church’s backside (8-14, Genesis 37:5-11). The church at Laodicea was “Lukewarm” which made it to be useless. The church claimed that it had everything it needed. The problem was that the church was looking at the outside or, the “earthly things” and in that realm, they did have everything they needed. When we are asked by the Lord, “What do you need?” what He is asking is, “What do you need to become productive in the Kingdom of G-d?” (15-18, John 14:12-14). If you will notice on this church and Smyrna and Sardis, there was still time for the church to get its act together. In the same way with us, all of us can attest how someone tried to reach us but we just laughed at them. So, these “Christians” prayed for us and when the time was right, the Lord stepped in our path just like he did to Paul (19-22).

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