Bible Readings for 2/15/2022

Deuteronomy 28:15-35

Psalms 44:17-26

Proverbs 12:1-14

Acts 12

1 Samuel 18:17-30

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 28:15-35 – Curses for Disobedience. Disobedience is the act of listening to the law but choosing not to obey it. When we choose to not listen to the Lord’s instructions, whatever He was trying to save us from will become the end result (15-19). Once we start down the road to disobedience, we will face nothing but trouble even if we plant honestly or give graciously. Eventually, the evil plans we have laid will be the bed we will be made to sleep in (20-24). The Lord’s method of destroying us is by the hands of old enemies (25-31). The biggest problem by far is that our children pay the price for our actions either by being excluded or looked on disfavorably (32). When everything we have worked so hard to accumulate is given away like one would clothing to the Good Will, you will know that there is something wrong (33-35).

Psalms 44:17-26 – Come to Our Help. When a disaster occurs in our life, we owe it to ourselves to search our souls to see if we caused the problem (17-19). There are people in this world that want nothing to do with peace and will do everything within their power to crush peace (Mike Krier). These people go out under the cover of darkness to plant seeds that will overtake peace (20-22). It is in these times that we need to go to our knees and seek the face of G-d (23-26).

Proverbs 12:1-14 – Planting Season. Israel is an agrarian society (Agrarian). Planting and nourishing good seeds of faith and integrity will guarantee good produce in time (1-3). How we treat others will either cause us to be seen as a “cad” or a “prince” (4-5). Having weeds crop up in our garden is not an indictment on us unless we allow the weeds to continue to grow and mature (6-7). While we cannot stop weeds of bitterness, hatred, envy, etc .. we do have the power to overcome it by positive action (8-11). The question we need to ask ourselves is, “what plants do we want coming from our lives?” (12-14).

Acts 12 – James and Peter. James was killed by King Herod. Herod Agrippa was a vassal king to Emporer Caligula. In his zeal for Orthodox Jewish teachings, Herod tried to snuff out Christianity (Britannica). Peter was imprisoned by Herod to have him publically executed (1-5). In response to Herod, the church prayed corporately and personally for Peter’s release. An angel was sent to free Peter (6-11). After being freed, Peter went to the home church to share the good news and then left the city (12-17). The next morning the soldiers were investigated and then put to death (18-19). Herod was killed by an angel while he was in Caesarea (20-23). The church, though, continued to survive and grow (24-25).

1 Samuel 18:17-30 – David Marries Michal. Being offered the first-born daughter of the King to be your wife was the highest honor that could be paid. The problem with Saul’s offer was that he had ulterior motives and that was, to have David killed by the hands of the Philistines (17-18). David was a humble man who never sought glory for himself nor did he laud his position over his family. So, he turned down the offer however much it would have benefited him (19). The form of the word “love” that Michal had for David was, “ahab” or “human love” which could be applied as a family or sexual love. I believe that the intended meaning was that Michal lusted after David in the same way that Potipher’s wife loved Joseph (20, Genesis 39:7-8, Blue Letter Bible). The King’s intention was always to have David killed without having to get his hands dirty in the same way David had Uriah killed (20-21). David did not trust Saul so Saul had people who David trusted urge him to marry Michal (22-25). David returned to Saul having killed and skinned the requisite number of Philistines and by it thwarted Saul’s plans (26-30).


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