Bible Readings for 2/16/2022

Deuteronomy 28:36-51

Psalms 45

Proverbs 12:15-28

Acts 13:1-12

1 Samuel 19:1-10

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 28:36-51 – Curses For Disobedience. Disobedience to the Lord’s commands would cause the people to lose the land. If the current occupants could be removed although they had been in the land for centuries, Israel could be removed no matter how long or how well entrenched they might become (36-40). The problem, though, would not be with the parents that were going into the land it would be with their children (41-42). The nations that would become Israel’s servants could and would become the master and Israel the slave (43-44). The curses would not be an immediate “about-face” it would take time and conditions to occur (45-51).

Psalms 45 – Your Throne, O G-d, Is Forever. This Psalm was written by the sons of Korach and is a wedding Psalm for the King who is marrying a foreign woman (1-3, ). The King has the responsibility and accountability for the kingdom. How manages it is how he will be judged (4-5). If we want our kingdom to be seen as being “righteous”, we must learn from the King of Righteousness what pleases Him (6-9). To the foreign-born bride, she is encouraged to forget her people, their beliefs, and traditions and truly marry the King (10-12). The Queen would receive all that she would need to live in the land. Her sons would become princes in the land and one would become the next King of Israel (13-17).

Proverbs 12:15-28 – The Two Outlooks. As I said before, the fruit will always tell the quality and type of tree. You will not go to an apple tree to harvest pears nor a pear tree to harvest carrots; when it comes to the fool and the wise, it is the same thing. A fool will not listen to advice unless it is a word that confirms their beliefs (15-16). For truth to be spoken, there first must be the understanding that the “truth” is not a matter of “like or dislike”. In the same way, relationships are harmed more by lies than by the telling of the truth (17-18). One can tell a lie and make it believable until the facts are presented and the lie falls apart (19-22). There are times when we will withhold information either because we are not sure it is correct or it is not the right time (23). It is an oddity about the word of G-d in that it speaks of “end results” and on rare occasions, a timeline is given (24-25). The righteous person will carefully consider what comes out of his/her mouth and the pathway he/she is taking where the fool has no such concerns (26-28).

Acts 13:1-12 – Barnabus and Saul Sent Off. While at Antioch, the Holy Spirit spoke through the prophets to have Saul and Barnabus for a special assignment. After prayer and fasting over the decision, the two men were prayed over and then sent off for what would be Saul’s first missionary trip (1-3). Sailing from Seleucia, which is located in Turkey, they sailed to Cyprus which is located in Greece in what was the “Ottoman Empire”. At Salamis, which is located in Cyprus and is a principal city (4-5). At Paphos, they encountered a false prophet called Bar-Jesus who had a strong influence on the proconsul. The proconsul, Sergius Paulus invited the missionary team to give a word of encouragement (6-7). Elymas used the opportunity to heckle the missionary team so that his target, Sergius, would not come to faith. Saul, now called Paul, put Elymas on notice that he was under the power of the Devil and that for a time he would be blind just as Paul had been before Ananias touched him (8-12).

1 Samuel 19:1-10 – Saul Tries to Kill David. Saul had given the command that David was to be put to death. Under normal circumstances, this command would have been carried out if not for the relationship David had with Jonathan (1). Jonathan interceded for David and convinced his father to relent by reminding his father of the good that David had done so Saul did (2-7). David and Saul’s relationship had been restored until war broke out and David successfully routed the Philistines once again. The spirit of “Jealousy” overcame Saul’s good senses and because of it, Saul tried to pin David to the wall (8-10).

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