Bible Readings for 2/17/2022

Deuteronomy 28:52-68

Psalms 46

Proverbs 13:1-13

Acts 13:13-52

1 Samuel 19:11-24

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 28:52-68 – Sin’s Crushing Blow. To go from having high fortresses with the world catering to you to mere urchins scrounging for what little food is left is a frightening prospect (52-57). Adhering to the Law is invaluable. If we do not fear the Lord G-d, we will follow the G-ds of this world to our untimely end (58-63). Once sin has started to dismantle a nation, it will continue until there isn’t a single brick stacked upon another (64-68).

Psalms 46 – G-d is Our Fortress. The Devil uses the smoke screens of fear, trouble, desperation, and illness to invoke fear in our hearts. If we will refuse to let these things alter the faith we have in the Lord the Devil will lose at the end (1-3). Our G-d made the world and everything in it because of that, He knows what it will take to heal the land and everything in it. The problem is, we have our timing and G-d has His. When we rely on our timing, sort of like Saul and the unauthorized sacrifice, whatever G-d has in mind for us is irrevocably altered (1 Samuel 13:8-12). If we hold on to the word that was given us whether, the promise to David or the word of Daniel, G-d will bring things to their ultimate conclusion (4-7, 1 Samuel 16:12-13, Daniel 9:1-3). When we grab hold of the horns of the altar through the storms and trials, we will have reason to rejoice when the storms clear and the trials end and our joy will not be taken away (8-11, John 16:21-22).

Proverbs 13:1-13 – Wisdom’s Academy. Listening to wisdom is often met with resistance because it doesn’t jive with our modicum of life. The thing about wisdom is that much of her understanding comes from a heap of bad decisions that brought its subject to the brink of ruin (1). The mouth is an abyss that needs to be guarded against what goes in and what comes out (2-3). Attending Wisdom’s Academy requires the student to research its information and apply the truth to their life before telling others how to live (4-6). Wealth is seen as a fortress in that it protects its owner from all harm the problem is, “it’s all an illusion”. People will cater to the rich and influential to get some of the funds or to ride their coattails. Where the wheels come off the axel is when the rich and/or influential get themselves into trouble (7-8). Righteousness’ reward is seen in the outcome that defies the storms the person faced (9-10). Life’s reward is watching her students grow strong in faith, proper use of funds, and applying the skills she provides (11-13).

Acts 13:13-52 – The Age-Old Story. At Pamphylia, which is located in southern Anatolia, John Mark went back to Jerusalem for an unknown reason. Paul and Barnabus went to the Synagog on the Sabbath in Pisidia (13-14). After reading from the Law and the Prophets the Synagog leader asked Paul if he had a word of encouragement (15). So Paul tells Israel’s story which would have elicited “pride and patriotism” (16-25). The problem arose when Paul tied in Christ’s connection to the story (26-39). To further complicate the problem, Paul cites one of the revered prophets Habakuk (40-41, Habakuk 1:5). Among the Jews as well as Islam, Jesus is not accepted as the Messiah by portions of the nation. So when the entire community showed up for the next week’s service, the Jews became jealous just as Saul had been jealous of David (42-45). After giving the word to the Jews first, Paul turned to the gentiles which elicited praise and spontaneous worship (46-52).

1 Samuel 19:11-24 – Saul’s Quest to Kill David. Envy and Jealousy had gnawed at Saul’s heart to the point in which everything David did was seen as an attempt to steal the throne. Michal, David’s wife and daughter of King Saul helped David escape Saul’s clutches; to give him enough time, she put the head of a G-d in David’s bed (11-12). When he was told that David was ill, Saul said “Bring him to me in his bed so that I may put him to death” (13-17). Having escaped Saul, David met up with Samuel in Ramah. This would seem to be a strategic error but the Lord G-d had a plan for Saul. The men Saul sent to kill David were caught up in the spirit of prophecy alongside the company of prophets. Having had two failed attempts, Saul went on the third trip and he too was caught up in the spirit. The events at Ramah should have forever cemented in Saul’s thick head that David was the Lord’s anointed and was not to be touched sort of like what happened with Elijah (18-24, 2 Kings 1:9-15).

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