The Chameleon

Sin is much like the chameleon in that it changes the color of its character to attract its target. To the poor she is a lifeline that comes across as a kind hearted person with evil intent. To the rich she offers places of prominence with the intention of taking every last dime for its selfish needs. During the interview stage, the benefits seem to be “beyond anything that can be imagined”. The reason she can be so free with benefits is that she has no plans to come through on them. Once employed and under its control, the person who once had his/her autonomy is now grappling with the pains and sorrows of their choices.

Our common enemy “The Devil” uses human needs to capture his prey. With an outstretched hand he displays the riches but in his shirt sleeve is a dagar that digs in the hidden places of our heart. Consider what he did to Adam and Eve, Jacob and Esau, Cain and Able, and what he is doing in the present day with the havoc over “injustice”.

Sin separates people by entering “animosity between groups and/or individuals. As long as the people do not talk to each other, hatred and bigotry will continue to exist unabated. The only way to overcome this problem is for people to put down the weapons and talk to each other. If Jacob and Esau would have held a pow-wow before Jacob ran away and Esau opting to do that which displeased his parents, they would have found out the origins of the problem – Rebeccah.

Sin makes our cause seem to be “righteous” but what we are not seeing is what it is doing to us in the background or who we are really hurting. Remember this, the Devil hates every man/woman/child on this earth in ages past, current, and ages to come. You will never find him getting his hands dirty, he compels us to do the dirty work. You see, we are our worst enemies and the most ardent offenders of our liberties and it doesn’t matter who we are or by what persuasion we call ourselves.

Over the past few years, students across the land walk out of schools in protest over gun control and hate. Yeah kids! The problem is, in our schools and on social medi the bully still picks on the weak and no one pays attention until tragedy occurs. When the weak feel helpless, they take up the one thing that gets results – guns. So what earthly good was it to disrupt the education process if we are part of the problem? We want people to take us seriously but if we do not change our life and that of our family for the better on our dime and with the sweat of our brow, what earthly good is it to rile the ire of the world?

My prayer for this nation is that it will stop in its tracks and see the damage it is doing.

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