Bible Readings for 2/20/2022

Deuteronomy 29:16-29

Psalms 48

Proverbs 14:1-8

Acts 15:1-21

1 Samuel 21

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 29:16-29 – The Covenant Renewed at Moab. In Egypt, the nation was abused but there were small pockets of the nation that thrived in the land. Those that thrived were servants in the palace, task-masters, and various other jobs. The problem was that when the nation left, everybody without exception was thrown out of Egypt. It was not uncommon in Egypt for people to worship the idols of the land. At Horeb and again in Moab it was a time of shedding the indecencies of Egypt to turn to the Lord and never leave Him (16-17). Turning back to the worthless idols, although a personal decision, would have long-range repercussions for the entire nation (18-19). Invoking the name of the Lord in a covenant implied “I will follow the Lord’s laws without exception” (20-21). It would be the young who would bear the brunt of their parent’s mistakes in judgment. When we sin, our world is altered, and the higher the profile the greater the disaster (22-28). Why the Lord requires us to honor His laws doesn’t matter what does matter is the law has been established and we need to honor it (29).

Psalms 48 – Zion the City of our G-d. Mount Zion, which is currently, “no man’s land” located between Israel and Jordan, has a rich history. This place was the city David conquered from the Jebusites. IT was on this mountain where the first temple was built on Mount Moriah (place of the wind) or the highest point overlooking the city. It was on this same hill where Jesus was crucified and the permanent temple was established (Mount Zion). It was for this reason and many others that Zion is so prominent in the book of Psalms (1-3). It was at this place where the armies gathered to fight against Israel but the Lord took His stand and the armies were frightened away (4-8). Each and every time the nation honored the Lord, He guided them through the treacherous waters (9-11). So walk about the city, consider all that the Lord has done that the next generation might hear the glorious works of the Lord (12-14).

Proverbs 14:1-8 – Who’s Building Your House? The wise woman builds up her home and, in a way, considers it her baby. The foolish woman tears her home down one piece at a time and could care less who gets hurt in the process (1). When we walk with the Lord, he shares with us the things we need to know so that we can place those pearls in our hearts (2-3). When we choose to ignore the Lord, the manger of our heart is cleaned and put for the next occupant (4, Matthew 12:43-45). The Lord is not responsible for the condition of our home, we are so we need to be careful of who we employ and what we use to build our (5-6). As the homeowner, we have G-d given responsibility for hiring builders who honor the Lord (7-8).

Acts 15:1-21 – The Jerusalem Council. In every group, there is a Doeg whose job is to cause problems. At this point in time, the Pharisees had not completely died out, they had morphed into quasi teachers. The group went around telling the gentile believers that they needed to be circumcised which at the age of the believers would be a painful procedure sort of like the events at Bethel (1, Genesis 34:25). This event caused conflict in the church which, I believe was the intention (2). To solve the problem, a delegation was sent to ask the council at Jerusalem what their decision was (3-4). Present in the council were members of the party of the Pharisees who argued the importance of adhering to the Law of Moses (5). Peter gave the short version of the incident at Joppa and the Lord’s word on the matter (6-11). James, the brother of Jesus, seconded Peter’s testimony pointing to another scripture (12-18). The Council judged the matter and concluded that the evangelists were not to make it hard for people to come to the Lord (19-21).

1 Samuel 21 – David and the Holy Bread. Ahimelech was the great-grandson of Eli. When Samuel was a boy he was given to the Lord to train up as a Priest. Because Eli and his sons had behaved wickedly, Samuel was told that their ministry would end (1 Samuel 3:13-14). When David came to Nob looking for food, he asked for and received the day-old Holy Bread (1-6). Present that day was Doeg who was a descendent of Esau who was a trouble-maker. Doeg was one of Saul’s valiant men and he ran to tell Saul about the doings in Nob (7). David then asked for a sword and was given the sword that belonged to Goliath (8-9). After this, David went to the one place Saul would never dare to come, “Gath” the hometown of the former giant (10-11). Knowing that his life was in peril, he pretended to be insane so that people would think that he was harmless. The King of Gath was told that David had come to town and what he was doing but the king thought nothing of it (12-15).

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