Bible Readings for 2/21/2022

Deuteronomy 30:1-10

Psalms 49:1-9

Proverbs 14:9-19

Acts 15:22-41

1 Samuel 22

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 30:1-10 – Repentance and Forgiveness. When you read the curses and the Lord’s response, you might think that the punishment comes immediately but it doesn’t. The thing is, when the punishment doesn’t come on our time, we tend to think “somebody was lying”. When it comes to the Lord’s commands, He never embellishes His commands and expects the prophet to repeat them verbatim. Adding to His commands or deleting from them creates confusion. Sin leads people astray from the truth and creates internal conflict just as the people witnessed in the multiple episodes of being sent into exile. The only way to rectify sin in G-d’s eyes is to return to Him with our guilt offering which tends to be “our broken lives and families” (1-3). Sin separated the nation into factions in the same way it separates family members; repentance may compel them to come back but it will not be seamless and nor will it be immediate (4-5). Redemption is a process that requires cooperation on the part of the offender and the offended (6). The nations and people who watched our implosion and cheered will also implode with no one to help them (7-8). The Lord’s plan for our life is that we prosper in everything we do but prosperity ends where there is unrepentant sin (9-10).

Psalms 49:1-9 – Why Should I Fear in Times of Trouble? The first act of a wise person is, “listen to the words of the wise (1-4). Why should  I be afraid when the wicked prosper? The answer is, “I shouldn’t” but it doesn’t mean “I won’t”. When we have the most to lose by the actions of others, those wicked plans could very well end us if our security is in anything or anyone other than the Lord and His grace (5-6). No matter how much money we have or how powerful our connections are, we have no power nor authority to rescue people from sin much less the grave. As parents, we want to buy our kids out of trouble but there will never be enough money to keep them on the pathway of righteousness that is between the child and the Lord (7-9).

Proverbs 14:9-19 – The Fool and the Wise. A guilt offering is offered when the conscience is tormented by guilt (Guilt). How many times have you heard “gee I’m sorry” but the tone is not reflective of guilt but of pacifying the offended party (9). Every one of us has a conscience the defining difference is how often it is listened to or ignored (10-11). In the end, we pay the price for our actions whether we accept the punishment or not (12-14). Listening to Wisdom is a conscientious choice and it may require going at life alone (15-16). Angry outbursts just like evil actions are diabolical because it hurts those you love, consider how the children are hurt, wicked parent(s) (17). When you plant a seed, one of three things is going to happen: the plant will grow up, it will turn to weeds, or it will die before it breaks from the seed. In the same way, when we are foolish, righteous, or wicked, we plant seeds. The righteous person hopes the plant will grow from it and produce fruit. The wicked and/or foolish hope that either last two, preferably the last one, occur(s) especially when it comes to our offspring (18-19).

Acts 15:22-41 – The Council’s Letter to Gentile Believers. After the council handed down their verdict, a letter was drafted and sent back with Paul, Barnabus, Barsabbas, and Silas (22-23). The intent of the letter was to address the church’s confusion over the hardline teachings they had received from the other teachers. The reason for sending the additional evangelists was to confirm every word written by the Apostles (24-27). To please the Lord, the people were to abstain from meat with blood in it, food sacrificed to idols, and abstain from sexual immorality (28-29, 2 Peter 1:10-11). After the reading of the letter, the four men went to Antioch to read the letter to the church and encourage the church (30-35). Paul wanted to go back to visit the churches that they had planted. So, Barnabus wanted to take John Mark. Earlier, John Mark had abandoned Paul when they needed him the most (Acts 13:13-43). This led to an argument between Paul and Barnabus so they separated for a time (36-41).

1 Samuel 22 – David at the Cave of Adullam. David hid in the cave in the city of Adullam which is about 22.5 miles southwest of Jerusalem; the city was given to Judah as an inheritance after the conquest (Adullam). 400 men came to David while he was in the cave which meant, that there were over 400 people in the cave and aligned with David. David became their Commander (1-2). From Adullam, David went to Mizpah which belonged to the Benjamites and the Moabites. At Moab, David requested that the king give his father and mother asylum (3-5). At Gibeah, Saul’s hometown, Saul set up court his fellow tribesman about David’s pact with Jonathan instead of honoring the King (6-8). When Doeg the troublemaker and executioner ratted David out and he would put the priests to death without compunction (9-19). Abiathar, the last remaining ancestor of Eli escaped to David (20-23).

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