BIble Readings for 2/26/2022

Deuteronomy 31:14-29

Psalms 50:16-23

Proverbs 15:14-33

Acts 17

1 Samuel 24

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 31:14-29 – Joshua Commissioned to Lead Israel. Moses was at the end of his journey and Joshua’s was about to begin. The two men were called into the Temple where the Spirit of the Lord appeared (14-15). After all that Moses had done for the nation, it had to break his heart knowing what will happen after him (16-18). Moses’ word and words would not be for naught because it would be a testimony to the truth of the Lord and some of the people would turn back (19-23). The baton was now passed to Joshua and he was encouraged to be faithful, strong, obedient, and to take the word of the Law with him into the new land (24-26). One might wonder what is it important to be obedient when people would carve their own path, what it comes down to is, “be part of the solution or the problem” the choice is yours” (27-29).

Psalms 50:16-23 – G-d Himself is Judge. It is common in this age as it had been in all of the ages past for people to glom onto what is popular – this is called “Bandwagon Jumping”. In one age the people used Mosaic law as a platform for controlling the ignorant populace or to fill their coffers legally (16-18). The unethical and evil leaders used the words of Moses to give credibility to their claims – this is called “name dropping” something the Sanhedrin did continually (19). Because the Lord didn’t judge these fools immediately, they thought “I am getting away with murder” and would continue to do so (20-21). When a person in the caliber of Jesus Christ comes on the scene, this group of fools takes steps to hide their activities and ended up committing murder (22-23).

Proverbs 15:14-33 – What Are You Looking For? Whatever we look for in life we will find it unfortunately, we may not always like what we find like the case of Saul (14-15). While walking with the Lord will not fill our coffers, it will give our lives purpose, hope, and love (16-17). Wickedness has existed in this world since the very beginning and the fruit of it has remained consistent (18-19). Despite what the world does, we are held to a higher standard (20-24). While we are not immune to the troubles of this world, how we conduct ourselves through the storms will greatly determine how long we remain in the storms (25-33).

Acts 17 – Paul and Silas’ Journeys across Asia Minor. At Thessalonica, the two men preached the word. Because some of the people came to salvation, the religious leaders had to create a problem by bringing false charges against the men. Because the two men had escaped the city, the mob blamed Jason and held him responsible for Paul and Silas (6-8). Jason was an early convert to Christianity and is venerated in the Catholic and Orthodox beliefs. At Berea, Paul found a group of Jews who were open to the Word of G-d and spent time checking Paul’s teachings to see if they lined up with the Word (11-12). When the Thessalonican mob had heard where Paul was, the mob took their act to Berea to cause problems so Paul was taken to Athens (13-15). It was at Athens that Paul saw the plethora of idols to every known G-d of the age. Paul used the situation as a platform to reach lives for Jesus Christ (17). Just as it had been in every place that Paul preached, not everyone was willing to accept his testimony but he did reach a few and it was the few that Paul used to build the church (32-34).

1 Samuel 24 – David Spares Saul’s Life. Saul had gotten word that David was hiding in Ein Gedi so he took his army and pursued him (1-2). David had cornered Saul and could have very easily killed Saul (3-4). David’s conscience stopped him from raising his sword to kill Saul; his men, on the other hand, compelled him to kill Saul so that the prophecy could come true (5-7). Had David killed Saul, he would have usurped the throne instead of it being given to him by the Lord. David confronted Saul with the facts along with the evidence “the corner of his robe” (8-11). The hard part about prophecy is that it takes time for all of the pieces to fall into place (12-15). G-d’s timing is impeccable even though we may not understand the path He is taking us down (16-20). Saul’s only request was that David is kind to the house of Saul when he became Israel’s King (21-22).


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