Bible Reading 2/27/2022

Deuteronomy 32:1-14

Psalms 51

Proverbs 16:1-17

Acts 18:1-17

1 Samuel 25

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 32:1-14 – Song of Moses. This song was Moses’ farewell message given by the hand of the Lord. People listen to what I have to say, open your hearts to receive this message (1-3). The Lord’s work is perfect because it is founded on wisdom, honesty, and love. Through the course of 40+ years, the nation tried G-d’s patience and revolted although he did no harm (4-5). In repayment for all the Lord had done on behalf of the nation, the people rewarded him by being deceptive and crooked. For no other nation had the Lord taken them by the hand and led them to the place of His provision (6-9). The Israelites were slaves in Egypt and wanted by nobody but the Lord looked down on them in kindness (10-12). The nation learned corruption from the people who lived the “High Life” in Egypt and from Balak they followed the G-ds of the nations because they were more fun. The thing is the nation would enjoy the fat of the land of Canaan had they but listened (13-14).

Psalms 51 – Create in Me a Clean Heart. David’s Kingdom was the greatest among the nations of that time. The Devil knew if he didn’t do something, all of his plans for the nation would be in ruins. So, enter the woman Bathsheba whom I believe David had eyes on from the moment he first saw her. It didn’t take but a moment to turn his heart and the plans the Lord had for him were irrevocably altered (1-2). When the Devil tempts us, he doesn’t stop until we are caught in a trap for which there is no escape. For David that “no escape” was impregnating Bathsheba and having to face Uriah. Once Nathan confronted David, all pretense ended and all he could do was fall down on his face before the Lord in repentance (3-6). The blood guilt was forgiven but the pains would never end no matter how much David prayed or shed tears (7-12). This would be a life lesson for David to teach his sons and the nation so that they would not fall into the same trap (13-14). Sin strips away words of praise to the Lord and replaces them with fear, doubt, and depression just as it had been for David’s predecessor Saul (15). What does the Lord require from us? A broken and contrite heart that is not built on stones of false repentance (16-17). David’s conclusion was that his actions did not stop G-d’s plans for the nation (18-19).

Proverbs 16:1-17 – What Are You Looking For? Each of us has or had plans for our life which includes(d) our occupation, where we would live, and the lifestyle we would enjoy. The thing is the Lord also has a plan for our life it may not agree with our goals (1). We need to be prepared, just as David was, to do what was right so that the situations we face in life might not stop us from our goals (2-3). We have no control of the world around us but we can be a light in a dark place (4-5). When we sin, either on purpose or by accident, though we repent we may spend years showing our sincerity. It is for this reason that we are told to “sin not” (6). When we are in right standing with the Lord, even our enemies will become allies like the case of David and the Philistines (7). David could have become very wealthy selling his services but he chose to honor the Lord with the little that he had (8-12). What comes out of our mouth is just as important as the work that we do (13-15). Above all else, let Wisdom be your counselor so that your paths will not be places of regret (16-17).

Acts 18:1-17 – Paul’s Journies. During the reign of Seutonius Claudius Caesar, the Jews were expelled from Rome.  Paul went to Corinth where he met up with Priscilla and Aquila who were part of the Jews that were expelled (1-4, ). When Paul and Timothy who had arrived from Macedonia tried to reason with the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah, they were reviled by the populace so they did what Jesus had commanded the disciples, they shook the dust off of their clothes and moved on. Titius Justus led a household church welcomed Paul and Timothy into his home. Titius had also been evicted from the Synagog because of his beliefs (5-8). In a vision, Paul was encouraged to keep up with what he was doing despite what was about to happen because there were people in the town that would support him (9-11). In Achaia, which was a Greek province belonging to Rome, the Jews brought charges against Paul to the proconsul Gallio (12-13, ). This, of course, was “so what?” to Gallio because it didn’t concern him or the assets of Rome. In retaliation, the Jews took the synagog ruler and beat him which did not phase Gallio (14-17).

1 Samuel 25 – David and Abigail. While the servants of Nabal were in the wilderness tending the animals,. David and his army were a wall of protection. Regrettably, Nabal was not a good man like his ancestor Caleb (1-3). When the sheep were sheared, it was a time for festivities as the people enjoyed the fruit of their work. David used this opportunity to see if Nabal would give a free-will offering. When the men were sent away empty-handed and vocally abused, David prepared for war. If it had not been for Abigail’s wise and gentle words, David would have blood on his hands which would have tainted his kingdom (4-7, 12-13, 30-31). David honored Abigail’s request and returned to the mountain. The next morning after sleeping off his drunken stooper, Abigail told him everything that had happened including the provisions given to David. Upon hearing this, Nabal died. After that David asked Abigail to be his 2nd wife to which she agreed (36-43).


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