Bible Readings 3/2/2022

Deuteronomy 32:15-22

Psalms 52

Proverbs 16:18-33

Acts 18:18-33

1 Samuel 26:1-12

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 32:15-22 – Moses’ Song as a Testimony. This song was a testimony against Israel and a prophetic message about Israel’s future. It is unfortunate that the times we honor G-d the most are during the lean years. Jeshurun or Israel would become fat, dumb, and happy (15, ). In time, the nation that crossed the river would not be the same ones that would occupy the land (16-17). By the end of the 1st Temple period, just as it would be for the 2nd Temple period, and the end of the 1st century, the Rock would become just another part of a time that no longer existed (18). The gentile church of the 1st century was a fulfillment of prophecy (19-21). This was not G-d’s “Plan A” (22).

Psalms 52 – The Steadfast Love of G-d Endures. Having evil people in the world is not new to the 21st century. While the names and faces may change, the outcome rarely does. These people arise and proclaim how great they are only to have it all taken away so that not a penny remains (1). The Devil’s playground looks like fun from a mile or more away yet, when you get inside of it you will see the darkness that has always existed like backbiting, broken promises, and ruined lives (2-4). When we put our trust in the Lord people call us fools and fearful dolts yet, we are the same fools and dolts broken people come to see (5-8). Life in this world today as it has always been being having, and always will be confusing. Who can deliver me from such a mess? I Thank G-d (9, Romans 7:25).

Proverbs 16:18-33 – Decisions. David the 2nd King of the combined kingdom of Israel and Judah was told through a prophetic message from Samuel that he would ascend to the throne (1 Samuel 16:12). Armed with this information, David could have walked into Saul’s presence and told him, “move over King I want to measure the throne that I’ll sit on”. The problem was doing that would have rightfully guaranteed an appointment with the executioner not to mention how it would taint future events (18-19). Trusting in the Lord to do what He has promised takes time and patience something that is sorely lacking today (20-21). Having the good sense to watch over the gaping hole on our face called “the mouth” will guarantee peace in our life (22-23). The reason David enjoyed the victories he experienced was due to the condition of his heart (24-27). Knowing who to listen to and who to avoid is a difficult decision considering King Joash’s dilemma. While Jehoida was alive, Joash did that which pleasing to the Lord, afterward, he went astray (28-33).

Acts 18:18-33 – Paul Returns to Antioch. Antioch was special to Paul because it was his first missionary trip and the first gentile church to call themselves “Christians” (Acts 11:26). Antioch is located in southwest Turkey and was founded by Seluecias in  300 BC (). The church was planted around 41 AD during Paul’s first missionary trip and would return around 52 AD during the 2nd or 3rd trip (18-23, ). During the same time, Apollos had been speaking to the Hellenized Jews from the scriptures. Apollos was himself a Hellenized Jewish convert to Christianity and was an early church father (24-25, ). When Priscilla and Aquila heard Apollos speak, they noticed that he spoke from his understanding of John’s ministry and baptism; so they called him aside and taught the full gospel. With the church and the disciples’ blessing, Apollos was sent to Achaia where he spoke eloquently the Gospel of Jesus Christ and refuted the Jews in public (26-28).

1 Samuel 26:1-12 – David Spares Saul Again. The Ziphites were loyal to the house of Saul. There is no credible scripture that tells “why David was disliked by the Ziphites”. David never met the Ziphites and they never met him. The only reasoning I can come up with is that the house of Ziph was not chosen by the Lord to replace Saul which is not an uncommon problem. Once again the Ziphites tell Saul where David is (1-2). Saul went down to capture David only to fall under a deep sleep in the cave alongside Abner and his men. David and Abishai Joab’s brother (3-6). Abishai wanted to kill Saul so that David could assume the throne of Israel (7-8). The reason David would not let him was that he knew what would happen if he did and how his reign would be tainted by the blood of the Lord’s anointed (9-11). So David took Saul’s sword and water jar as evidence of him being in Saul’s presence (12).





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