Bible Readings for 3/3/2022

Deuteronomy 32:23-33

Psalms 53

Proverbs 17:1-16

Acts 19:1-20

1 Samuel 26:13-25

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 32:23-33 – Moses’ Song. This song was a testimony against Israel and it sounds dangerously close to “defeatism”. Understand this, Israel was entering an uncertain destination and, the Lord knew from Israel’s history what the nation would do with what they were given (23-24). At first, just like Saul, the sword of the Lord was valiant in the land until the Lord had to contend with the sin of the Israelites. Human logic says, “Why in the name of all that is Holy did the Lord allow Israel into the land?”. The answer to that question is, “The Lord promised an ancestor and He never breaks His promises” (25-27). For a nation known as “the chosen” it was like being called “Slim” when you were obese (28-29). To accomplish the mission that lay ahead, the people would have to change their ways quickly or they would end up running back to Egypt with a white flag of surrender. For this reason, the people needed to get a firm grasp of the power that is theirs in the Lord. The people that were in the land had the “vine of Sodom” which was pure evil and did not fear the power of the Lord G-d (30-33).

Psalms 53 – None Does Good. It is odd hearing this teaching from David because, when you consider his background and the condition of his family. In some ways, it sounds like David is lumping himself in with the world and others it is “judge not … baby” (1-4, Matthew 7:1). When evil pervades in our hearts, we image the worst not realizing “we have nothing to fear” this causes more problems and starts more fires than dry tinder can ever start (5). I believe David knew just as Moses knew, what would happen to his family in the years to come and desired that the Lord would use Israel to accomplish His purposes (6).

Proverbs 17:1-16 – Proverbs for Life. David came from a poor family in Judah but had more wisdom than the house of Saul. David’s connection to the house of Saul came first by union with Jonathan and then with the marriage to Michal (1-2). Like silver and gold, the Lord tries the hearts of mankind to see what is in them and what motives drive them (3). The malicious present arguments to connive people into supporting their cause by lies and misrepresentation of facts (4). The outcome of hard work and faithfulness is live-giving fruit that will feed the future generation whereas malicious talk separates close friends (5-7). The point to get across is that these axioms are based on real-world events. Israel was no different than the rest of the world because they struggled with sin like everybody else (8-16).

Acts 19 – Paul’s Journies. Ephesus was the center of commerce in the 1st century. The disciples in Ephesus had been bringing people to salvation based solely on John’s Baptism. Because of this the people were saved but not empowered which only comes by the Holy Spirit (1-7). After laying his hands on the disciples, a portion of the power that was indwelled in Paul was transferred to the disciples (1-7). Anytime there is a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit, the Devil’s minions will be present; this is why the rogues showed up to counter Paul’s work (8-10). The reason Paul was successful in imparting the power of the Holy Spirit on the disciples and defeating the minions was that he had the power of the Holy Spirit in his heart whereas the seven sons of Sceva did not (11-20). “You cannot impart power that you do not possess” (Howard G. Hendricks). There is a lesson that can be learned from the riot that broke out in Ephesus and that is, “sometimes a different approach needs to be taken despite religious objection” (Mike Krier). Despite the power that indwelled in Paul even he knew when it was best to be quiet and let someone else solve the problem (35-41).

1 Samuel 26:13-25 – David Saves Saul. After taking King Saul’s water jug and spear, David and Abishai set a distance between themselves and Saul and his army. Abner had fallen asleep instead of watching over the king which would have been a death sentence (13-16). Having recognized David’s voice, Saul woke up. David’s words to Saul resound with judgment. Because of Saul’s vengeance, David had lost everything including Michal who he had paid the marital wage (17-20). Remember, Saul’s anger was an outcrop from his disobedience leading to the loss of the Spirit of the Lord and was replaced by the spirit of the Devil. Saul’s spirit and David’s spirit have been at odds for all the generations of mankind and will continue till who knows when. When the Spirit of the Lord conquered the spirit of the Devil, the person who has the spirit of the Devil becomes repentant (21-25).

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