Daily Psalm for 3/3/2022

Be gracious to me, O LORD, for I am in distress;
my eye is wasted from grief;
my soul and my body also.
For my life is spent with sorrow,
and my years with sighing;
my strength fails because of my iniquity,
and my bones waste away. Psalms 31:9-10

Life, to me anyway, is like a game of Monopoly. Each of us starts off with a fresh board, money in our hands, and Heaven as the finish line. In the beginning, we do not envision ourselves falling into David’s traps nor ever turning our back on the Lord like Peter. Then, a chance card turns up telling us about a disaster that will occur costing us time and money. Those “chances” create problems in our life and from those problems we make bad decisions. The Lord has great plans for our lives and will accomplish them only with our obedience and faithfulness. When we run away in the face of adversity like Naomi and Elimelech did, we tell the Lord “You don’t have the power to get us through ___ so we’ll take our chances elsewhere”. The problem is, we don’t know the Lord’s plans, we just know what we are going through is miserable. That said, it does not justify sin it explains how we got where we are.


The greatest struggle of mankind is not the Devil and nor is it temptation. The greatest struggle is our thought process. It is one variable that gets us into further trouble and keeps us from the cross. Naomi and Elimelech did not plan for their family to be decimated and Naomi to return a bitter woman, it all started with their reasoning for leaving Jerusalem for a time. Lord, please help me today and every day of my life to carefully consider my choices and not allow myself to act on the Devil’s enticement. Please watch over my family today and guide them to wherever they are going to and back home again. Be with the Ukrainians who are fighting for their right to freedom. The power of mighty Russia is no match for the power of the Lord G-d. I pray for the military, law enforcement, and EMT communities that you will be with every one of them and bring them safely home. I pray over our politicians that you will continue to shake them to their core with the message of the Ephod so that they fully understand who they serve. I pray for the city of Stacy, the state of Minnesota, and the USA may your Spirit fall fresh upon us. I pray for the truckers who carry supplies to our communities. I thank you for healing our land by rain that refreshes the land and the storms that shake the heart of mankind. I pray for those who need a special touch from you today. Finally, I pray that my words will always be an encouragement to all who read these words in Jesus’ name I pray. May your peace be upon my family, city, state, nation, and world. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer (Psalms 19:14).
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