Bible Reading for 3/5/2022

Deuteronomy 32:34-43

Psalms 54

Proverbs 17:17-28

Acts 20

1 Samuel 27

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 32:34-43 – Moses’ Song. This song was a warning and encouragement to the nation. When the people took an oath to serve the Lord, a dual-edged sword was put in their hands. The sword was mighty in battle but to the fool, it was something that could and would bring disaster their way (34-35). Those who refuse to cave in to the whims of the world and remain faithful to the Lord will vindicate them by showing the truth (36-38). There is only one G-d the creator of everything and the one who can heal and restore the broken in spirit. The enemy of our soul only pretends to have power but the power and glory belong to G-d (39-43).

Psalms 54 – The Lord Upholds My Life. When we decide to follow the pathway of the Great Shepherd, we must steel ourselves against the threat of the enemy (1-2). Know this, the enemy will never stop his/her attack; he/she may stop for a time to regroup but will always come back. Serving the Lord does not mean that we will never see trouble but when our hearts are set on pilgrimage, the Lord will guide us (3-5). When we give our lives to the Lord, He will guide us through every storm and trial (6-7).

Proverbs 17:17-28 – Proverbs For Life. How we control ourselves, what we allow into our life, and the outcome of our choices will greatly determine our future (Mike Krier). There are “friends” that are more of a heel than a friend (17-20, ). What our children learn is more of an outcrop from our actions than from our words (21). We need to continually survey our hearts to know our motives, fears, pains, sorrows, and goals; if either of these is out of line with G-d’s best for our life, we need to change those things by repenting and letting them go (22-24). When we are foolish and sire a child he/she could potentially be a new generation of “Us” (25); when this happens, whatever could be said or done becomes a moot point. It is for this reason that it is so important for us to use words and actions with restraint. Certainly, we can do whatever we want whenever we want to whoever we want but the outcome will outweigh the need for our words and behavior (26-28).

Acts 20 – Dr. Luke’s Journal. After the events in Ephesus, Paul went to Macedonia and Greece where he spent a considerable amount of time speaking to the people and encouraging them in their walk. Like every city and town where Pau went, there were trouble makers who carried their “roadshow” to cause problems (2-3). In early spring just after Passover, Paul set sail from Philippi to Troas where he met his colleagues (5-6). In Troas, Paul spoke until after midnight about the Kingdom of G-d. During his lengthy oration, a young man named Eutychus became drowsy and fell through a window to his death. Paul calmed the audience and then went down and raised the boy from death which greatly relieved the boy’s parents (9-12). At Miletus, Paul called for the Ephesian elders to encourage them and to let them know that he was going to Jerusalem where he would meet his fate (22-23). Greater men might have gone to a city in enemy territory to hide but Paul understood his mission and would let nothing deter him from accomplishing it (24-29). After Paul’s death, vile men would come into cause problems for the people and dissuade them from adhering to Paul’s teachings (30-35).

1 Samuel 27 – David Flees to the Philistines. Knowing that the peace with Saul would not last, David and his men flee to the one place Saul would never go and that was to Philistia in Gath (1-4). Staying in the royal city Gath, I believe, would have ensured that David would be under the constant watch of the King. For this reason, David asked for a small country town for him and his men (5-7). While in Ziklag, David and his men attacked Transjordanian tribes Geshur, Girzites, and the Amalekites. These tribes should have been wiped out in the time of Joshua but the nation was unable to dislodge them (8). To ensure that there would be no one to tell King Achish what David had been up to, David put everything and everyone to the sword (9). The name Geshur should stick out in your mind because that is where Absalom’s mother hailed from (2 Samuel 3:3). To throw Achish off of the trail, David lied to him by telling Achish that he had been attacking towns in Judah (10-12).


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