Bible Readings for 3/6/2022

Deuteronomy 32:48-52

Psalms 55:1-15

Proverbs 18

Acts 21:1-26

1 Samuel 28:1-7

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 32:48-52 – Moses’ Death Foretold. After leading the nation for over 40 years, having defeated the iron kings, and having done everything in his power to keep the nation together would end up with the “booby prize”. For all of his efforts, Moses would only see the land with his eyes and never step foot into the new land (48-49, 52). This would be the last time Moses would climb the mountain because when he got there, he would die. Just as his brother Aaron died because of breaking faith with the L-rd, so would Moses (50-51). Personal notes: Position in the eyes of the L-rd does not give us a license to break faith and have it overlooked. Moses was the L-rd’s anointed leader but at many points along the way, he was almost put to death because of his attitude.

Psalms 55:1-15 – Cast Your Burden on the L-rd. Sharing our burden does not make the problem go away or trivialize what we are going through (1-3). When we leave the presence of the L-rd after we share our burden, we are the same person we were before entering His presence (4-8). The difference between entering and leaving the presence of the L-rd is our attitude and outlook (9-11). David’s problem with this equation was that the person causing the problem was someone he knew and attended worship with (12-14). The hardest battle we will ever face is dealing with a close relationship and committing that person to destruction (15). Personal notes: Casting your burden on the L-rd means, “sharing the concerns of our hearts even if it seems trivial”. The L-rd wants to know what we are going through and to hear it from our lips. Scripture says, “there is not a word on our lips that he does not already know (Psalm 139:4)” so why should we give voice to our complaint? The reason is, we put our concerns in an audible form that we can understand the situation and the L-rd can help us.

Proverbs 18:1-11 – Proverbs For Life. How we govern the affairs of life will be the defining factor of whether or not we will succeed in our endeavors (1-5). Consider Saul who given his marching orders decided to alter the plan and then pass the blame off onto his men and turned a short-term gain into a long-term loss. Our mouth is a dangerous thing because by it we are blessed and cursed, heal and destroy, soothe wounds and rip them open (6-8). When we open our mouths, approach a project, and/or interact with people, we set a course that in most cases we are unable to undo (9-10). Money is the answer to everything or so we think (Ecclesiastes 10:19). Wealth can fill our homes, buy anything we want, and/or endear people to our point of view; the one thing it cannot do is buy peace in our home/life, buy us a 2nd chance, and/or restore people who have died because of our foolishness (11).

Acts 21:1-26 – Doctor Luke’s Journal. Paul knew what awaited him in Jerusalem but he wasn’t afraid to face it. He could have avoided the unpleasant events simply by listening to his disciples and the prophet Agabus but he knew all too well that saving one’s life would be a fruitless endeavor (1-16). When he got to Jerusalem, he was greeted by James and the elders (17). Paul related the events that occurred in the gentile towns and the people who were saved. The elders nominated 4 young men and had them vow to assist Paul by presenting the facts before the Sanhedrin. The caveat was that Paul was to pay the fees for purity and shave their heads (18-26). Personal notes: The vow the young men were under was called the “Nazirite vow”. To disprove the claim of the Sanhedrin and the people of Jerusalem, these young men and Paul had applied the Nazirite vow which called for the person to abstain liquor, sex and shaving his head (Numbers 6). The Nazirite vow is a holy calling and not something one takes without considering his/her actions (Nazir).

1 Samuel 28:1-7 – Saul and Medium of En-dor. These were the closing days of Saul’s life and kingdom. David was requested by King Achish to accompany him into battle and would be the king’s bodyguard for life (1-2). Samuel’s death would be felt by the entire nation because he had been the nation’s judge and had anointed the first and 2nd kings for the nation. Because Saul was disobedient to the L-rd, the Spirit of the L-rd was taken from him which created a void in Saul’s life. Saul wasn’t the same person that took command of the nation and led them in battles. This Saul was fearful, broken, and useless. When the L-rd refused to listen to Saul despite what Saul did by fasting and prayer (3-6). Saul’s servants suggested Saul seek guidance from the medium at En-Dor (7). Personal notes: Unless we are obedient, prayer, inquiring of the L-rd, and fasting will be of no value. When the L-rd abandons our hearts, the place will be clean and in order. The enemy will use the “void” as a place to establish his rule and lead us to our demise.


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