Bible Readings for 3/8/2022

Deuteronomy 33

Psalms 55:16-23

Proverbs 19:1-18

Acts 21:27-40

1 Samuel 28:8-25

Mike’s Notes

Deuteronomy 33 – Moses Final Blessings on Israel. The Lord G-d wanted only the best for the nation. Moses was proclaiming G-d’s blessings over the nation (27-29). Each of the 13 tribes was given a special blessing unlike Jacob’s blessing (Genesis 48 and 49). When they entered the land, the slate would be cleaned and they would start life all over again. It is for this reason that Moses spent so much time talking about G-d’s laws and talked at length about all of the things that had transpired since leaving Egypt. Personal Notes: Just as the nation was given a clean slate, so are we when we come to the Lord for forgiveness and to have the precious blood cover our sins and misgivings. The thing is, when we start over we need to begin with a copy of the law. Our children and grandchildren may never understand our logic or what led us to switch tracks until they too face the sad realities of life.

Psalms 55:16-23 – Cast Your Burdens On the Lord. The world has its ways and what it has to say is compelling to the soul of mankind. We have to choose for ourselves who we will listen to as for me, I will choose the Lord G-d and will listen to what He has to say (16-19). Where we run into problems is that our hecklers or “Naysayers” are usually and predominantly “our family and those we know” (20-21). It is for this reason Jesus said to his disciples “if a man comes to me and does not hate … he is not worthy of me” (Luke 4:26). Trusting in the Lord and casting your care on him is far more difficult to do especially when it comes to the family unit (22-23). Personal notes: When the Lord directs us to a course of action, He doesn’t always give all of the information we need in one conversation. The reason He does this is that He wants us to trust Him implicitly. Consider the case of the disciples when told, “you provide food for them”. When the men saw the extremely large audience in contrast to the few fish and a loaf of bread, they had to think “this man’s out of his mind” (Mark 6:36-41).

Proverbs 19:1-18 – Proverbs for Life. Integrity is defined as, being honest, having strong moral principles, and being morally upright. The moral imperative Wisdom is presenting is foundational to living a peaceful life free from fear. The problem is, the moral imperative is not the only way to live which is why you see both ends of the spectrum. Wealth garners many friends most of which are leeches trying to get their portion. The problem is when the money runs out so do the leeches (4,6-7, 14). Asking for help is important because it shares the burden and unites people the thing is, though, it is also important to carefully and prayerfully choose who we allow in to help us (5, 8-9, 11-13). Personal notes: Wisdom, as I have said in the onset is “universal”. Wisdom does not ask you about your ethnic persuasion, sexual orientation, and/or political affiliation. The only thing Wisdom wants from us is, to listen to what she has to say and choose for ourselves what pathway we will take. Understand this, Solomon for as many pearls of wisdom he spoke did not mean he was a “wise man”.

Acts 21:27-40 – Paul Arrested in the Temple. Just as he had disciples, Paul also had a band of hecklers. The hecklers hated Paul because he spoke the truth which would cut in on their source of income. Know this, the hecklers were small in number so they could not do anything against Paul. To get the populace on board with the charges, they had to use an age-old strategy “charge him with breaking the law against the Temple and the Mosaic law” (27-30). Paul was arrested by the soldiers to keep him being beaten to death before hearing what he had done (31-36). Being a Roman citizen, Paul was within his rights to defend himself in a court of law (37-40). Personal notes: “Mob rule” usually starts with a few people who want something and to get what they want, they need to appeal to the masses. The difference between Jesus and Paul was that Jesus was not Roman, he was a servant. Paul, on the other hand, was born a citizen of Rome and he was a member of the ruling class which was why he was treated differently.

1 Samuel 28:8-25 – The Witch at Endor – In his zeal for the Lord, Saul banished every sorcerer, medium, or spiritist from Israel. Because of this, he had to disguise himself so as not to be seen going to visit a medium (8). Saul was desperate for guidance and direction for the coming battle so, he was willing to go against his royal orders at the expense of his integrity and the woman’s life (9-12). Upon hearing the name “Samuel”, the woman became frightened because her mysterious visitor was none other than King Saul (13-14). Saul was desperate for guidance and direction because the Lord would no longer listen to what Saul said so he turned to his former mentor Samuel. What Samuel had to say to Saul was not complimentary it was judgmental. Accordingly, the battle confronting Saul would go sideways and he and his sons would be killed and the Israelite army would be handed over to the Philistines (15-19). After fasting for so many days, Saul became weak so the woman and his men talked him into eating and then was sent on their way to their deaths (20-25). Personal notes: Necromancing or calling up the spirits of the dead is very dangerous. The reason is, you have no idea who it is you are actually talking to. Know this, demons just like their master can be anyone and/or anything.

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