Bible Readings for 3/11/2022

Joshua 1

Psalms 57

Proverbs 20:1-15

Acts 23

1 Samuel 30:1-15

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 1 – G-d Commissions Joshua. Joshua is commissioned a 2nd time, this time it was the Lord speaking. It had been 40 days since Moses’ passing and it was time for Joshua to take the reigns and lead the nation. Assuming command of the nation was a daunting task because Moses’ departure left a very big set of shoes to fill (1-2). The word “Lebanon” in this chapter is not the nation “Lebanon” but a white mountain (3-4, ). Joshua’s commission was a faith lesson because he was promised G-d’s abiding presence and the land on the opposite of Jordan before stepping one foot into the land (5-6). The caveat was, “Be strong and courageous …” (7). The book of the law presented to Joshua by Moses would be his guiding principle and was to read the law and apply it to his life (8-9). Giving command to his Officers, Joshua prepared the nation to leave the white mountain (10-11). The promise Moses had given to the 2.5 Transjordan tribes would remain in effect providing they held up their end of the bargain (12-15). The tribal leaders affirmed their promise with the understanding that Joshua was not to renege on his promises and serve the Lord faithfully as Moses had done (16-18). Personal Notes: The statement made by the 2.5 tribes “just as we were faithful to Moses …” should have been disconcerting based on the troubles Moses had with the nation. This was virgin territory for the nation because they were formerly enslaved and now they would-be conquerors.

Psalms 57 – Let Your Glory Be over All the Earth. This Miktam or “teaching Psalm” was written when David had escaped the clutches of Saul and run away to a place where he could hide (1). When facing a situation like David, it is very difficult to know who to trust and who to avoid. Fortunately, David had the Lord who had been beside him in all of the trials he had been through (2-3). The one person other than Jonathan that David knew he could trust was the Lord and soon the 600 men that came to him (4-6). If it had not been for the Lord at his side, he would have run out of hiding places and might very well have killed Saul when had the chance (7-11). Personal Notes: David had enjoyed unparalleled success in Saul’s kingdom. He was accredited for killing his 10s of thousands and now all of that praise is gone and in its place was loneliness and isolation. Yet, David was never alone and we hear this praise echoed in this Psalm.

Proverbs 20:1-15 – Proverbs for Life. How well we guard the affairs of our life will greatly determine how long we stay in power (1-3). Certainly, we can be vile, casually criticize those in authority, and poke fun at the laws but when we step into authority, those words and actions come back to haunt us (4-5). The words we speak tell of the great things we have done but without proof, those are mere words (6-7). As the king, the ruler is responsible for administering justice but how can he administer what he so freely violates (8-11). There is nothing that we do even in the utmost security that will not be made known to the world even if we use executive privilege (12-15).

Acts 23 – Luke’s Journal. Having given his defense before the Roman guard and the Jewish leadership, Paul touched on a matter of contention – “the resurrection of the dead” (6-10). An angel appeared to Paul in the jail cell that night and prophesied about his mission and how it would end (11). The Jews had a plan on how to get Paul away from the Roman guard unfortunately Paul’s nephew heard what was going to happen and went told Paul (12-15). Paul had the boy speak with the Roman guard and was told to “keep it quiet” (16-22). Paul was taken to Rome which circumvented the Jewish leaders’ plans (23-25). The Roman tribune, Claudius Lysias would have been content to have scourged if not for Paul’s citizenship. To solve the problem presented by the Jews, Claudius had Paul taken to the Governor of Palestine Felix (26-30, ). Paul would spend time in Herod’s Pretorium until his accusers arrived from Jerusalem (31-35, ).

1 Samuel 30:1-15 – David’s Wives Are Captured. While David and his men were away at war, the Amalekites swooped in and took all of the wives the men’s belongings. As a parting gift, the Amalekites burned Ziklag to the ground and then ran away (1-3). When the men returned to Ziklag and found the burned remains, the men cried about it and in their pain, talked about stoning David for enticing them to be away from the camp. David found strength in the Lord G-d despite the present situation (4-6). The first thing David did was seek Lord’s guidance by having the priest Abiathar bring the Ephod. Remember, the ephod was used for making decisions (7-10, ). So with 400 men David went in search of the raiders and to get their property back. Along the way, they met an Egyptian servant who after being fed and given something to drink told David where to find the Amalekites (11-15).

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