Bible Readings 3/14/2022

Joshua 4:1-14

Psalms 60

Proverbs 21:16-31

Acts 26

2 Samuel 1:1-16

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 4:1-14 – Twelve Memorial Stones from the Jordan. Once the nation had crossed the Jordan, 12 men one from each of the 12 tribes were selected to pick a boulder up from the place where the priests had stood with the Ark (1-3). These stones would be used to erect an altar as a memorial or reminder to the future generations of Israel of what the Lord had done for the nation (4-7). The people were obedient to Joshua’s direction (8-10). The 2.5 Trans-Jordan tribes in obedience to what they promised crossed over first armed for battle. The events of that day set the tone for Joshua’s tenure as the nation’s Commanding General of the Israeli army (11-14). Personal Notes: There is a defined difference between “being a leader” and being the “G-d ordained leader”. Moses’ departure created problems for the nation because of all that he had done and the power showed during the 40 years in the desert. Certainly, no two leaders are identical in form and fashion. Moses and the Lord G-d did everything in their power to be sure Joshua was equipped for the job ahead of him. The 2.5 Trans-Jordan tribes could have tried to pull a fast one on Joshua in hopes that he was not told about the agreement with Moses.

Psalms 60 – He Will Tread Down Our Foes. There is a funny thing about the Lord and that is, He will get his point across and take as long as is necessary to accomplish this (1-3). G-d’s word is a banner that is unfurled for all who make the journey from the throne room of the enemy to the throne room of G-d (4-5). There is nobody in this world in the past, present, or future that is not welcome into the Kingdom of G-d; the only thing that stops us is “unconfessed sin” (6-8). We will never make a wrong turn and end up in the Kingdom of G-d because we are only admitted by the doorkeeper – Jesus the Son of G-d (9-11). Personal Notes: Sin is a showstopper and will keep us where we are in whatever condition we are until we get some things right before G-d. Even the Apostle Paul spent time following the events on the Damascus road getting some issues resolved.

Proverbs 21:16-31 – Proverbs For Life. Walking away from good sense implies that you know the right thing to do but choose not to do it (16). Most of us think in the “immediate” and forget about the consequences (17-19). The wise man unlike the fool considers his/her long-range goals in his/her decisions (20-23). In every group, there is at least one scoffer who could care less about anyone’s point of view accept theirs. The problem is, that person does not consider the implications of his/her words and who they hurt (24). The sluggard is a sloth in his/her work and spends most of his/her time doing nothing (25). A sacrifice is not just slaughtering an animal, it is a price we pay for our actions. The problem is, the sacrifices we offer for our foolishness would not be necessary. As an example, working overtime because we did not get our work done during the day or missing key events like a child’s baseball game because we showed up for work late (26-28). Whatever we do in life, we need to do it for the glory of G-d so that our time is not wasted and we have a reward for our sacrifice of love (29-31). Personal Notes: While Solomon could be used as the “example of what not to do”, what he has to say is still wise and beneficial providing we do what G-d’s words say and not what Solomon did.

Acts 26 – Paul’s Defense Before Agrippa. Paul was given the floor so that he could defend his actions. Paul began by talking about his early life and his upbringing with the Pharisees (1-5). The part of the scriptures that is admissible in Jewish teachings is that Jesus is the Messiah – the one raised from the dead (6-8, ). Paul then called Saul had done everything in his power to subvert the Christians by arresting them and sending them to their death (9-11). The funny part about Paul’s story was the Damascus road incident. This part of the story would seem to be “whacky” because, Paul didn’t go looking for the Lord, didn’t start praying about the journey he just went with the express purpose of destroying Christians and Jewish sympathizers. The Lord stopped Paul with one question, “Saul why are you persecuting me doesn’t that hurt you ?” (12-14). Paul obviously shook After all, it wasn’t every day that a voice from Heaven calls to you by name (15). Imagine heading for a city with the purpose to stop the Christians just to become one (16-18). Paul used the moment to explain why he was arrested and why he was appearing before the King of Palestine (19-23). Festus tried to interrupt only to be shut down (24-29). The only reason Paul was not released was that he had appealed to Caesar  (30-32).

2 Samuel 1:1-16 – David Hears of Saul’s Death. After the death of Saul and his sons, a young man came thinking he was bringing good news. After relaying the battle report, the young man most likely expected a reward of some type (1-4). When ask how the young man knew Saul was dead, he made the 2nd mistake he fabricated his information (5-10). Normally when a monarch passes away and there is no successor, it would bring joy to those seeking the throne but for David and his men, it was a day of tragedy and a national disgrace (11-12). The young hero would be put to death for daring to lay a hand on the Lord’s anointed when the war was over (13-16). Personal Notes: To David Saul was his King and the Lord’s anointed. Add to this, David loved Saul and respected him although the two were at odds with each other. In the balance of all of David’s decisions was “his kingdom”. The same is said of the individual who rises up against a leader, that person when he/she gets into a leadership position will face similar trials and difficulties.








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