Bible Readings for 3/16/2022

Joshua 5

Psalms 62

Proverbs 22:17-29

Acts 28

2 Samuel 2:1-11

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 5 – The New Generation Circumcised. This was a new day for Israel. The kings of the nations currently in Canaan most likely thought that they could wipe Israel out until the nation crossed the Jordan on dry land. After that, every nation walked in fear of Israel because of the supernatural events (1). 40 years earlier every male boy above the age of 7 was circumcised in obedience to the law. The men in the current army had not been circumcised (2-9). The nation observed Passover for the first time in the new land so it was in the early spring of the year. The Mannah “what is it” ceased to flow because the fruit of the new land was now available (10-12). The Angel of the Lord, probably Michael, would command the Lord’s army and would call the shots. Just as it had been when Moses approached the burning bush, the ground was sacred and to be treated with respect (13-15). Personal Notes: The purpose of circumcision is to distinguish which ones are children of Abraham and which are not. The practice of circumcision goes back to the time of Abraham (Circumcision). It is interesting to me that the Lord never takes away one thing until another is put in place. For 40 + years the nation ate manna and it became a staple in their diet. The Commander of the Lord’s Army, I believe would have been with Moses had he not been so fearful.

Psalms 62 – My Soul Waits for G-d Alone. The world says, “Follow the fads” where the Word of the Lord says, “wait patiently for the Lord and He will deliver you from whatever situation that is coming against you” (1-2). Being the “Odd man out” is not an enviable position because we will be labeled as the “heretic” or the “black sheep”. The thing is, all of G-d’s best work and plans always come to fruition in the end after all of the ballots are counted (3-4). When the Spirit speaks to our soul about a choice we are about to make, it is incumbent on us to make the right choice (5-8). Each of us is given control over our life. We are, therefore, responsible for the choices we make (9-12). Personal Notes: Remember, the Lord will never make choices for us nor hound when we are acting foolish; he will, on the other hand, speak to us in the form of the consequences for our actions. When we are forgiven by the Lord, it doesn’t mean that our actions are forgotten in this world but that we will be welcomed into Heaven.

Proverbs 22:17-29 – Words of the Wise. Listening to a wise person is difficult because it is like standing in a very big field of daisies on a warm sunny day. When all of a sudden a cold blast of wind blows across the field signaling a rain shower is about to happen. The foolish person says, “but it is warm outside, stay a little longer”. The wise person says, “I’d take cover if I was you” (17-18). For this reason, the writer jots down the 30 says of counsel and wisdom (19-21). To the Lord, every area of our life is a concern to Him because He knows all too well what happens when even one area of our life gets out of balance (22-29). Personal Notes: Balance is an integral part of our life because, just as a tight rope walker would carefully consider his/her steps, so should we. The Lord is concerned about the welfare of our soul more than any item in this world because the items can be replaced but a damaged soul has long-range implications.

Acts 28 – Paul on Malta. The people of Malta warmly accepted Paul and his traveling companions and provided for their needs (1-2). Paul got bit by a poisonous snake when he reached into a woodpile but he did not die so he was considered a “god” (3-6). By showing kindness to the governor of Malta’s father by healing the man, I believe was the provided so warmly for Paul and his traveling companions (7-10). Syracuse, which is a 2700-year-old city, is located in the southwest corner of Sicily which is located on the boot of Italy beside the Ionian sea (11-13, Syracuse). Having heard about Paul’s arrival, many traveled to Forum of Appius and Three Taverns. The Form of Appius was built by its namesake Appius which was a road that connected Rome to distant settlements and is currently a major superhighway and the oldest one in existence. The “Three Taverns” or Tres Tabernae is a city about 33 miles from Rome and is located along the Appius Way (14-16, Forum of Appius, Three Taverns). When he got to Rome, Paul was given a room by himself with a guard watching over him. At this point in time, Paul had nothing to lose and this gave him the freedom to talk to whoever came many received the salvation message but many others walked out shaking their heads (26-31).

2 Samuel 2:1-11 – David Anointed King of Judah. By the leading of the Lord, David went up to Hebron to rightfully establish his kingdom (1-4). Because of what the people of Jabesh-Gilead did for Saul and Jonathan by rescuing Saul’s body, armor, and Jonathan’s body, David reciprocated with his love and faithfulness in the name of Saul and Jonathan (5-7). Ish-bosheth or IshBaal the seventh son of Saul was 40 years old when Abner son of Ner inducted him as the next King of Israel (8-10). David reigns in Hebron for 7 years 6months before he was inducted as the King of the combined Kingdom of Israel and would move his city to Jerusalem (11). Personal Notes: David rightfully ascended to the throne of Judah because Saul had been killed in battle. Ish-bosheth or Ish-Baal would be the de facto king because there were no other sons left that could ascend to the throne. The reason Saul’s daughters could not ascend to the throne was that it must have been unheard of unless the law was changed. Fast forward 125+ years later and Athaliah would usurp the throne after Jehoram was killed.


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