Bible Reading for 3/29/2022

Joshua 9:16-27

Psalms 68:19-35

Proverbs 26:1-14

Isaiah 5:18-30

2 Samuel 5:1-15

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 9:16-27 – The Gibeonite Deception. The Gibeonites had deceived Joshua and his council chamber. When the people saw how far Gibeah was, Joshua’s name became “mud”. The problem was that Joshua’s word was his bond and he was not about to make a bad situation worse by breaking his vow. The Gibeonites would become slaves until Joshua passed away. The tribe of Benjamin would become the owner of the land of Gibeah but would be influenced by Gibeah which would lead to war with the 10 tribes. In the end, Benjamites would be nearly decimated because of sin leading to foolishness (Judges 23). This play continues to this day. Many people have started their journey to the Kingdom only to be sidetracked by feigned promises and temptation. When we accept things into our life or ministry at first we have control over them and then things change and those “things” become our aggressors and/or wicked counselors leading us, our families, ministries, our cities, nations, and world astray. Many sins and people like the Gibeonites are harmless at first and then show their true colors.

Psalms 68:19-35 – G-d Shall Scatter His Enemies. When Israel returned from exile to rebuild Jerusalem, the people had been changed because they had been humiliated and diminished. No matter how small the construction group was used by the Lord mightily to accomplish His purposes in that time. Many of you, including me, have sinned and fallen short of G-d’s best for our life. When this happens all forward motion stops as I said yesterday. Falling short of G-d’s best is not the end of the story because in His kingdom it is not a “one and done”. Is it difficult to come back from moral failure? Absolutely! Many ministers have caved into sin and never put another foot in the pulpit but they do become a mighty source of encouragement. As we continue our journey from failure to fullness in Christ Jesus there will be many traps and pitfalls but if we can just see beyond them, we will find healing in His temple. What the world has rejected, the Lord has accepted praise be to His name (32-35).

Proverbs 26:1-14 – Proverbs for Life. What we do in life is as important as the heart we put into it. When you consider the two characters in this section, it is not subjective, it is objective. That is, our actions are judged by the outside world or the “inward focus” that looks at the results. What we do with the things given by the Lord will either tell the world “I am a fool” or “I am wise”. The crux of the problem is if asked every one of us would most likely put ourselves in the “wise column” and everyone else in the “fool’s column”. The question we need to ask ourselves daily is, “which column will I be in today?” and then take active strides to accomplish that objective.

Isaiah 5:18-30 – The Vineyard of the Lord Destroyed. The Lord gave land to Israel to live, raise their children, grow crops, and provide for its financial needs. Under David’s leadership, the nation flourished. The temple had not been built and the people still worshipped the Lord in a tent. For 30 years David ruled in Jerusalem in the land that was surrounded by mountain ranges and water flowed clean and pure. Unfortunately, time altered the happy kingdom in fact, if you were to have time-traveled from the time of David to the time of Solomon, you would have noticed subtle differences. When Solomon gave the word to the nation that the Temple his father dreamed about would be constructed, people came from all four corners of the nation to volunteer their services. The wood would come from Lebanon under Hiram King of Tyre. Add to this complexity, Solomon wanted a palace built for himself and his Egyptian wife. By the time of Isaiah, the once united kingdom was as far apart as say New York is from California although they lived in the same geographic area. So what happened to the Vineyard of the Lord? It was corrupted by self-seeking individuals, leaders selling the kingdom to line their pockets, and theological differences of opinion. The nation had old enemies which stemmed from the time of David. Just as David had been the sword of judgment against Saul so the old enemies would be to the beleaguered nation. These are the same things that bring families down and create division.

2 Samuel 5:1-15 – David Anointed King of Israel. David’s kingdom finally comes to fruition. In the intervening years between his anointing to fruition, he had faced many challenges and temptations. Capturing Jerusalem was a coup de tat that capped off his anointing. Jerusalem gets its name from the Jebusites who had occupied the land since the time of Ham (Jebus). Jebus or Yebus as it is written in the Hebrew Bible means “trampled on” (Wikipedia). So Israel under Joshua taunted the nation at the onset of the battle but Israel lost the battle. The problem was, this nation would not be defeated until the time of David (Jebusites). The reason we see the words “even the blind and the lame …” is because the Jebusites believed that just as mighty Joshua had lost the battle so would King David (Joshua 15:63). The reason The reasoning behind David’s decision to capture the impregnable city was because of the natural resources of the land and it was centrally located (David’s Capital). To the Living G-d Jerusalem is no more important than say, Detroit MI. What is important to the Lord is the condition of our hearts. The Lord loved David because David had surrendered his heart to serve the Lord in all things. The problem for David would be his affinity for taking rival wives and concubines who would give birth to multiple children some of which you will never hear about.

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