Bible Readings for 4/7/2022

Joshua 13:8-32

Psalms 72:15-20

Proverbs 29:1-16

Isaiah 10:1-19

2 Samuel 8

Mike’s Notes

Joshua 13:8-32 – Inheritance for Gadites, Reubenites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh. The land that the nation conquered in the time of Moses would belong to the 2.5 tribes. This land was on the opposite of the promised land Canaan and was given at the bequest of the 2.5 tribes. This was not necessarily G-d’s best for the nation but is proof that when we ask in faith, G-d will provide even if it is not necessarily in our best interests. Challenges lay in store for the tribes as they will face trouble from the nations that were not routed out of the territory. The nations would still be held accountable to obey the Mosaic laws and G-d’s commands. Plots of land would still be allotted to the tribe of Levi who would minister on their behalf. The people would bring their offerings to the place established by the Lord. The point is, no matter where the people lived even if it was on the West Bank the people were still required to obey the law of the Lord so that the nation would continue to be blessed. The thing is, “obeying the law of the Lord” is a choice that must be carefully made.

Psalms 72:15-20 – Give the King Your Justice. This was David’s prayer for his son Solomon the new King of Israel and Judah. What David did for Solomon was his gift to Solomon. What Solomon would do with the gift were his gift to the Lord and the nation. David knew that the only reason for his greatness was his obedience to the Lord because of this, he stepped aside to let Solomon make a decision about who he would serve. Solomon could be a great King by first being obedient to the Lord. Equally, he could be a wicked king by casting glowing in David’s praise but planning to cast it all aside in his zeal for gain. The nation had all of the resources it would need to feed the nation but, it could and would be lost through disobedience. The same can be said for your nation no matter where you live. If we are willing and obedient to the Lord’s laws and commands, He will provide whatever we will need for life and ministry.

Proverbs 29:1-16 – Proverbs for Life. Of all the things available to us in life, the one thing the Lord wants us to possess in increasing amounts is, “unspeakable joy” or, “joy that cannot be adequately described”. The joy of the Lord is not bound to time, space, or things but “in all things” (Psalms 23 in perspective). We must understand, though, that our enemy Satan is clever and conniving and will compel us to grab hold of an illusion and let go of our precious possession – Unspeakable joy. You see, Righteousness sees life from the Lord G-d’s vantage point whereas Sin sees life through the pit of desperation. How you see life and the world around you will determine the condition of your heart and there is no middle ground or “margin for error”.

Isaiah 10:1-19 – Woe to the Sinful Lands. In G-d’s eyes, all of mankind despite color, creed, or nation. As righteousness builds up a nation, so sin destroys it piece by piece. Judah had become as bad as Assyria & Moab and because of it, were slated for destruction by the same rule of “G-d’s equality”. Understand this, there is nothing we hold in our hands that can not be removed no matter how tightly we hold onto it. The rulers of the land (President, Congress, and Senate) hold a dual-edged sword in their hands that not only make judicious decisions but also cuts into their soul and spirit. Assyria had its eyes on Judah to capture it and take its wealth but G-d had another plan that would stop the assault before it started. Where the king of Judah got into trouble, just as we have today is that he allowed fear to speak louder than faith. The master of Sin, the Devil or the “Serpent” compels his minions to make the problem to be bigger than the hand of G-d. The reason he does this is to get us so stuck in a trap that we give up and submit ourselves to our fate. The lament in this is that G-d had plans to prosper Judah so that the nation would be joyful but sin clouded all of the joy in the smog of fear.

2 Samuel 8 – David’s Victories. When you look at the names of the nations that David and the armies of Israel defeated and were forced to pay tribute to David, you should see that these same nations would come back to cause trouble for Israel. Remember, no victory lasts forever just as a kingdom is never secure against revolt forever (Proverbs 27:23-24). While the kingdom was strong nations served Israel faithfully. When the nation collapsed into sinful practices, war raged in the kingdom and the nations serving Israel would become the nation’s “taskmasters”. All of the gold, silver, and bronze collected by David and his armies were put into the temple treasury and would be used to build the first temple. This is important to note because by not holding onto the devoted things David showed his faithfulness to the Lord G-d which is what Joshua was told to do before the conquest of Jericho (Joshua 6:18). Additionally, giving the precious metals to the Temple would benefit the entire nation. David was not a greedy man which is the sign of a good ruler.

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